Tools and tips:

Desktop and Mobile modes

You can switch between desktop and mobile modes on ruttl. To do so, on the bottom bar, there are 2 icons on the left side, between Version and Share. By default, web pages will load in Desktop mode only. Clicking on the mobile icon will load the mobile view of the webpage, and clicking back on Desktop icon will load the desktop view. Comments and edits in ruttl are kept separate for mobile and desktop modes.

Versioning in ruttl

You can create multiple versions of the same webpage in Ruttl. These can be helpful in showing different fonts, content, images, etc on the same section to the client. To do so, open any webpage in Ruttl and go to the bottom left hand corner of the screen. By default, Ruttl will load all web pages in Version 1. To add a version, click on the ‘Version 1’, and then click on ‘Add latest version’ in the upward submenu. The latest version of your webpage will appear in Ruttl, and you can access it anytime in this submenu itself.

Rename, delete or share individual versions as a link

On any version, go to the menu, click on ‘Rename’ and rename this version. Click on ‘Share’ to share this individual version with your client or other collaborators. You can also delete versions by visiting the same version menu and clicking on ‘Delete’. Versions only work in website feedback projects.


Currently we have integrated with Jira, Slack, Trello, ClickUp, Zapier, asana and Unsplash. We also have our custom webhook, in case you’d like to integrate with any other work tool of your preference. In the future, we also plan to integrate with many more tools. For more details, please visit our integrations page.

Keyboard shortcuts

Make your access around ruttl easier and quicker. On your main dashboard, just go to the top-right hand side question mark icon (named Need Help) > Keyboard Shortcuts. You will be able to see all of your keyboard shortcuts here.

Renaming project or webpage

To rename any project or webpage, hover over the name of the project or webpage. Click on the text area, rename it as required, and then press Enter/Return key. Your project or webpage will be successfully renamed.

Notifications in ruttl

We have enabled notifications in ruttl. You will receive notifications in the following situations:

  • When someone adds you to their project
  • When someone adds a comment in the project, which you are a part of
  • When someone mentions you in a comment in the project
  • When someone replies to your comment in the project
  • When someone makes edits in the project, which you are a part of

These notifications will be shown in the top right corner of the screen on the main dashboard, and even inside the project. Clicking on any notification will take you to that position, where the action has been done, i.e. comment, edit, project.

Configure email notifications

You can configure which type of emails you would like to receive from ruttl. To do so, on the main dashboard after logging in, simply go to ‘Account Settings’ from the top right hand corner menu. When you scroll down, you will find ‘Notifications’. Here, you can select or unselect the boxes for which you would want the email notifications, and it would be auto-saved.

Account settings

You can access account settings of ruttl in the main menu itself. Once you login, go to the main menu on the top right side of the screen and select Account Settings. From here, you can perform the following actions:

  • Change avatar
  • Change display name
  • Update password
  • Watch our demo video
  • Join our Slack community
  • Check integrations available on ruttl
  • Upgrade your ruttl account
  • Change notifications for receiving emails from ruttl
  • Contact us for account related questions, reporting bugs, recommending a new feature, billing, sales, reporting abuse
  • Delete your ruttl account

Sending feedback

If you ever wish to send feedback to us regarding your experience with ruttl, we have made it really simple for you. On the main dashboard, you can click on the ‘Question-mark’ button, take a screenshot and write your feedback in the text box. This feedback directly reaches our support team, and we ensure that it is solved in the least time possible for our users. Alternatively, you can also send us an email with your screenshot and issue to support@ruttl.com.

In-app contact us

If you ever wish to contact us, we have made it simple for you to do so. On the main dashboard, to the bottom left side of the screen, you will find a ‘Need help’ button. Click on the same to contact us for the following reasons:

  • Account related questions
  • Upgrading your account
  • Reporting bugs
  • Recommending a new feature
  • Billing
  • Sales
  • Reporting abuse
  • Something else regarding ruttl

Your message directly reaches our Support team, and we shall resolve your query at the earliest possible.