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What can you do with ruttl?

Comment on website

illustration of leaving comment on live website

Leave textual & video comments on live websites

Give quick feedback to your team through real-time comments. Keep everyone in the content, design and development teams on the same page. Comment on web pages to share detailed inputs. You could also leave video comments to give specific creative direction and make work easy for your colleagues.

Comment on Live Website

Annotation tool for your website

Make edits on live websites

Edit live website and get all the precise changes done before that deadline. Change even the tiniest details like font, spacing or alignment for your live project. Suggest accurate values for all the iterations and make communication simpler.

Edit your Live Website

Edit website content

Make seamless content changes on your website content and see all the changes compiled in real-time. Save your time on offline drafts to finalize website content.

Edit Website Content

Client Commenting

Website feedback has got simpler! Your clients can write and even video comment without logging in on ruttl! Simply send the shareability link to them and they just need to type their name after writing the comment. Your clients don’t face the hassles of signing up. They can also tag other project stakeholders to assign any task and get work done.

Static Image Review

Make designing and development seamless - upload multiple versions of your chosen images on ruttl. Rename, delete image versions at your ease. Tag your teammates, share feedback with them through comments on images. Resolve these comments by marking them done once the task is completed. Edit, unresolve comments, send them to Trello as well on the go.

Replace images on live website

Quickly replace images on a live website with our fast website annotation tool. Uploading and trying out various images can be a task. With ruttl, you can quickly upload as many images as needed across dimensions and formats within no time - that too on a live website!

Replace Images on your Website
ruttl feature to inspect CSS code

Inspect CSS

Effortlessly view clean CSS for your website. Avoid wasting your time with any software to edit website content. Instead, go from seeing your live website to editing it in a click with ruttl. Inspect CSS with ease and streamline the accessibility issues, redlines and other technical essentials.

Start Inspecting

Collaboration tool for your team

Add your team

Invite your team members to collaborate on live projects and meet deadlines. Easily notify them about all the changes that you are planning to make on a live project - simply tag them using website comments and give them real-time updates.

Add Team Members
illustration of team members in ruttl

Review mobile web

From the Activities panel, check all your website edits, content changes and comment on website. This way, your team never loses track of ongoing activities. Anyone from your team could check all the latest activities done on a website project. Your development team could easily navigate those suggestions and use them for the final codes to create pixel perfect designs.

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Save (& share) every version of your website

Revisit all the website versions you were working on with ruttl. Explore all the changes you have made through the save option. Never miss any updates that were made by your teams. Navigate through all the versions in no time and easily collaborate to optimize your website.

Create Website Versions
versioning feature of ruttl
ruttl project sharing feature

Share project with clients

With the shareable link, always keep your clients in the loop by sharing a unique project link with them, which does not require logging into ruttl. This way, your clients could view all the progress that you and the team have made. You end up reducing the turnaround time and the feedback loop.

Collaborate on a Project

ruttl is for: Agencies | Developers | Product Managers | Product teams

ruttl ui ux designer avatar

UI/UX Designers — Get your designs coded pixel perfectly

As a designer, it’s really important that your design and code match perfectly. ruttl allows you to edit the staging link so you can share the exact values with the developers to create pixel perfect designs.

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ruttl developer avatar

UI/UX Developers — Easily collaborate with designers and clients to make changes

Never miss any changes that are assigned by the design teams. Go through the comments to know all the precise changes that need to be made!

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ruttl content writer avatar

Content Writers  — Visualize how the content looks on the website

As a content writer, you no longer have to use word documents in order to send website copy. Write the content directly on the live website and visualize how it looks with the design. Word limits are a problem no longer!

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Agencies — Efficiently work on multiple projects and never miss a deadline

Back to back feedback calls, reviews, last-minute requests by clients - we hear you! Streamline all those challenges with this quickest design collaboration tool! Make edits on live website, inspect CSS and more.

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ruttl avatar for product teams

Product teams  — Effectively work with design, development teams to meet deadlines

Track all the progress that is done on the website project. Check versions, comments to never miss any critical feedback that needs to be included.

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Product managers — Quickly know the progress on the web project, share with clients

Always keep the clients in loop with all the changes that are made post their feedback and stay in loop with the design, development, content teams.

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