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Collect feedback on your logged-in screens and dashboards and ship your products faster.

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More than 13,000 creators and businesses across the world trust ruttl


What is a Web App Reviewing Tool?

To review any type of web application that contains logged in screens or dashboards, most teams today take screenshots of the interface and share feedback via word documents, Jira tickets or Trello boards. This causes massive feedback delays while launching new features or updating any application. Unlike other website feedback tools, with ruttl you can collect feedback and comments directly on live pages of web applications and ship your product faster.

How it works

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1. Download Chrome Extension

Install ruttl's chrome extension and visit any page inside your web app, that needs to be reviewed.

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2. Add Page to Project

Select the page inside your application, click on the ruttl extension and add it to the project of your choice. The page will be ready to get reviewed inside your dashboard.

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3. Work with your team

Add your teammates to the project and start commenting directly on your live web app page.

illustration of leaving comment on live website

Collect better feedback with visual commenting

You can instantly collect or leave feedback on any web page that you are developing by directly commenting on it. ruttl supports all types of applications, including those that have login screens or password-gated.

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Upload Video Comments & Attachments

Along with your visual comments, you also have the option to attach screen recording, reference images and screenshots. This can help you share much more precise feedback and ensure faster turnaround times on your project.

ruttl inspect css panel ui shot

Edit Anything On Your Web App Pages

With ruttl's edit mode, you can directly edit any element on inside your web app and modify the CSS. Properties like Fonts, Opacity, Color, Size, Spacing, Alignment can be easily adjusted, so that your developers get perfect design change values.

ruttl notifications panel ui shot

Stay up to date with notifications

Make sure that you are always in the loop by getting notified on every single project update. ruttl will send you custom notifications whenever you are tagged by other team mate, ticket status is changed or if the resolution deadline of a ticket is nearby. This way, you can focus on the workflow itself and let ruttl keep track of all your bug queries.

People love talking about ruttl 💜

ruttl is miles ahead in terms of features, ease of use, speed, and product innovation! It’s my go-to for collecting client feedback.

Joe Fletcher

Joe Fletcher

Founder of Fletcher Digital

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Afton Negrea

Afton Negrea

Digital Business Strategist,

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I’m able to make edits to the code directly from the platform- it speeds up your projects by allowing clients to review real time, and note changes. If you’re a web designer or developer, it will definitely speed up your work.

Kanesha Harper

Kanesha Harper

Founder at The Arch Effect

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It is an essential tool for any web agency- clients can just comment and get an idea of the rendering even before the work is done!

Ludovic Clain

Ludovic Clain

Founder of PrakSite

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ruttl has been a blessing because it simplified our feedback process, no long emails just to figure out what clients are trying to talk about!

Laurence Anthony

Laurence Anthony

Director of Pixallus

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Integrations you need



Send comments from ruttl to your preferred Trello board and track them as Trello cards.



Get Slack updates on all project activities like comments, edits, replies, etc.


Jira Board

Send comments directly from ruttl to Jira & create tickets, which can later be assigned to other team members with timelines.

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