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In conventional website review, clients take screenshots, encircle the issues, and share a Word doc with the developer or project manager. Alternatively, they sit with the developers and ask them to make the changes, but these processes are very tedious and time-taking. On an average, a single page takes around 3-4 hours to review and still, the final output is just close to perfection.

That’s why we created ruttl. ruttl lets you make edits to live websites and share contextual, visual feedback with your team members. It also allows you to leave comments on live website. ruttl has a lot of competitive advantages, which you can check here. Built by designers & developers, ruttl is the future of design review. ruttl has a lot of competitive advantages, check here.

ruttl’s origin story

The team behind ruttl

ruttl is the brainchild of designers & developers over at Brucira who were frustrated with the clunky, time-consuming nature of the old design review process. As the idea for a design review tool grew, we’ve added more features from our beta users’ suggestions and our audience interactions. In fact, we’ve coded & reviewed ruttl on ruttl — talk about a ruttlception!!

Over at Brucira, a product design agency, our designers & developers work across website designs, illustrations, mobile apps, and so much more. So, we know the value of a useful design review tool. We built ruttl to be an internal tool and having seen its success at Brucira, we’re excited to share it with other creators!

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