Bug tracking that works for mobile applications

Fastest way to report bugs directly on mobile application. Create ticket, send them on desktop workflow and start tracking bugs

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Download App

Download the Android app from the Play Store and login with the same email as that of your dashboard.

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Report Bugs

Activate the widget and start reporting bugs directly on your app. It's just like Figma's commenting, but on your mobile app.

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Track Progress

These comments wil be added as tickets on your dashboard and you can prioritise, assign and set deadlines - similar to Jira.

No more screenshots or clumsy excel sheets to track bugs


Report bugs directly on mobile apps

Collect bugs directly on your mobile app in the form of comments so you do not lose the context. The comments will get added in form of tickets to your dashboard.


Solve them faster with workflow

Capture, assign, prioritize, and resolve bugs seamlessly and collaboratively. Instead of workflow, you can also integrate ruttl with tools like Jira, Trello, asana and many more.


Save time and work smarter with your team

Each member of your team will get notified about these bugs and you can then assign tasks, set deadlines and prioritize them as per the need. Jira with fewer steps.

Integrate with needed tools

Integrate with needed tools

Receive notifications for new tickets through your preferred tools such as Slack, Trello, Asana, Jira, ClickUp or Zapier.

Packed with features for your most productive team work yet

bug tracking tool Leave text and video comments for more context

Leave text and video comments for more context

Give feedback through textual comments or screen records.

bug tracking tool Use the pen tool to highlight your bugs

Use the pen tool to highlight your bugs

Use the pen tool to mark the bugs and give feedback effortlessly.

bug tracking tool Assign tickets and set deadlines within your team

Assign tickets and set deadlines within your team

Assign precise bug tickets to your developers along with deadlines.

bug tracking tool Chat live with your team

Chat live with your team

Share attachments, reference URLs or bug encounters via real-time chat with your project members..

bug tracking tool Stay up to date with notifications

Stay up to date with notifications

Get instant emails and notifications for bugs reported within your project.

bug tracking tool Get Exact device configuration

Get Exact device configuration

View the mobile device's name & resolution, so that its easier to start working on the exact bug/issue.

Resolve bugs with your team within minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bug tracking tool?

A bug tracking tool helps you to highlight bugs like broken images, wrong or non-working CTAs or hyperlinks while scrolling through the website.