ruttl report: How We Onboarded Our First 250 Users

ruttl shares how a personalized & dedicated strategy won over its beta waitlist users and resulted in insightful feedback for improvements.

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Why Your Website Needs to Be Responsive

ruttl highlights the importance of responsive and mobile-first web design and offers an easy solution to ensure optimal compatibility across mobile devices.

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7 Ways to Give Better Feedback

Wondering how you can offer feedback that can help your team perform better? We’ve got you covered.

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What’s the Difference Between Critiquing & Criticizing?

We break down the importance of knowing how to give good feedback to receive great results.

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What If…Ruttl Solved All Your Website Design Problems?

Innovative collaboration tool for designers and web developers coming your way — Ruttl is the future of design review.

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How We Lost a Client Because of Delays in Development

Not everyone talks about their failures. But we know that a lot of successful ideas come from failures. This is exactly what happened to us.

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Here's How We're Improving Content Writing for Websites

Long word docs with annoying screenshots and multiple edits? They're a thing of the past. Content writing for web design has never been better.

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Why I Started Using Slides for Illustration Projects

Using slides for illlustration projects turned out to be the best decision for multiple reasons.

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3 Key Aspects of Post-Development Website Reviews

Though design and development seem like two faces of the same coin, the two functions most often struggle to collaborate and work well together.

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Is Remote Working Really Challenging?

Do you find remote working to be stressful? Do you think it is challenging to collaborate with your teams remotely?

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Ruttl is a visual feedback and collaboration tool that allows you to invite clients and teammates to leave useful comments and make changes directly on live websites.

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