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5 Amazing and Iconic Website Navigation Examples

Written by Siddhita Upare
Published on November 24th, 2021

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Website navigation is critical for creating the foundation of your website. Good website navigation lets users explore and find exactly what they need. Navigation design is relative and different websites have different goals to achieve from it.

That's why there is no right answer to - what is the best example of website navigation? But, by keeping a few fundamentals of user experience in mind, we have selected a few of the best website navigation examples for you to explore and learn from.

Go ahead, check them out and get ready to create seamless website navigation:

1. Verk

Minimal and uncomplicated, VERK's navigation comprises white space and neat lines. Each of their screens pacifies users and helps them out with their tasks. The clear navigation bar at the top seamlessly informs users to take action. Overall, its breezy navigation frees users to explore the site and shop their products without overwhelming them.


With a simple yet intricate drop-down navigation menu, POLITICO's website informs users with the least confusion. Its screen is minimal and poses no visual distraction. Despite having a huge database of content, its website shows groups of categories in an effective manner.

3. ETQ

Inspired by minimalism, ETQ Amsterdam's website naturally draws users to all the items on their pages. Its crisp and direct navigation focuses on users but also guides them to shop without any distractions. There are just a few important categories mentioned on its navigation bar - this gives users more space to explore the website.

4. The Good Burger

The Good Burger's website is full of personality and simplicity. It flawlessly lets users check their menu and attracts them through a functional placement of content. One of the best things about this website is that it keeps users always in their focus. Even when they are navigating the sub-menus, the navigational menu on the left-hand side guides users and allows them to initiate action.

5. Gusto!

Peppy, bright and inviting, Gusto's website is on point for a modern and fun user experience. Apart from an eye-catching menu design, the parallax scrolling and dynamism of their website guides users to easily place their orders. Although it looks a bit subtle, their website is functional and flawless.

Navigation depends a lot on the design and content of websites. Hence, getting it right is important. These best navigation examples must have already inspired you to create some great navigation ideas for your web projects.

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