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The fastest way to review developed websites. Add a link, drop comments, show CSS edits live to give precise feedbacks.

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More than 7000 creators and businesses across the world trust ruttl

Leave comments directly on live websites.

Ruttl allows you to pin comments onto live pixels on any website and share it with your team to discuss the feedback in real-time.

Add comments

Pin your comment on website using live web pixels, that way you can share and receive real-time feedback. Collaborate with multiple teams by commenting and reviewing the same within seconds.

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Tag team members

Tag your teammates to assign them tasks, and have them reply to your comment on website as well. You can also review the comments that you had tagged them for and make edits any time.

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Mark as resolved

Mark comment on website as resolved, or let your teammates do that once the assigned task is done. All the assigned and completed tasks can be reviewed as well at any time.

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Multiple File Types

Collecting feedback on Websites? Software's? Illustrations? Images? PDF's? ruttl supports all these project types!

Pixel Perfection

Explain everything visually - Share the pixel perfect values to the developers and bring your design to life together

Web Apps Support

Got an application with login screens? With ruttl, you can review and make changes on web applications, without losing your mind in the process - Faster feedback rounds! :)

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Share with anyone

No logins needed! That’s right. And it’s free to share, invite team members to review and collaborate on the go!

Edit mode is what makes ruttl a much powerful feedback tool

Inspect and edit CSS

Edit height, width, button border radius, move elements around with arrow keys, change background colours & much more...

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Change Content

Change font properties like size, line spacing, character spacing. Change text alignment, highlight content with bold underline & Italic.

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Replace Images

Upload images from your computer, or choose from the vast variety of images from Unsplash® along with in-built image search option.

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People love talking about ruttl 💜

As freelancers or as designers, as we are building websites, we would add a certain amount of revisions or iterations to the website. The more revisions or iterations are made on a page, the costlier it could become either for the client or for us in terms of time. Ruttl has helped streamline our entire process & really changed the client experience for us.


Afton Negrea

Digi-Biz Strategist,

I've used several point & click feedback tools for website collaboration with clients. ruttl is miles ahead in terms of features, ease of use, speed, and product innovation. My new go-to for client feedback.

Joe Fletcher

Founder, Fletcher Digital

I like that I’m able to make edits to the code directly from the platform. Most importantly it speeds up your projects by allowing clines to review real time, and note changes. If you’re a web designer or developer it’s worth the purchase. It will definitely speed up your work.

Kanesha Harper

Owner, The Arch Effect

ruttl is one of the essential online tools for any modern web agency. Indeed nothing is more frustrating for a client today to have to juggle several screenshots by email to come to an agreement and be understood. The client can comment and get an idea of the rendering even before the work is done: fun and practical, I recommend doubly!

Ludovic Clain

Founder, PrakSite

Integrations you need

Connect ruttl with your favourite tools that you use daily and keep things on track


Get Slack updates on all project activities like comments, edits, replies, etc.


Send comments from ruttl to your preferred Trello board and track them as Trello cards.


Get your comments along with browser & device info added to your preferred asana project.

ClickupComing Soon

Plan, track and manage all of ruttl's comments with ClickUp.


Choose from 3000+ apps to integrate with ruttl using Zapier.

MondayComing Soon

Track comments from ruttl as tasks inside Monday, and simplify project management.

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