Review Live Websites

ruttl is a website feedback tool that helps you to comment directly on live links and make real time edits.


Leave comments directly on live websites

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Add Comments

Pin your comments on live web pixels, so you can share and receive real-time feedback.
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Inspect elements and give precise values to your developers

Edit elements

Edit height, width, button border radius, move elements around with arrow keys, change background colours, margin, padding (and more) of sections.

Invite team members, managers, and clients to review

Add stakeholders to your project, manage access control and get contextual feedback. ruttl is the best client feedback tool to speed up the review process.


Ruttl is the website feedback tool for the future!

ruttl functions as a digital whiteboard for your web design projects. Use it to make changes, comment, share feedback, and review your work in progress to create sleek websites!


Multi Screen Testing

Design your website to look its best on every screen & device


Pixel Perfection

Give the precise values to the developers and make sure your design is coded pixel perfectly

ruttl helps you organize

Stay organized

With all comments in one place, it’s easy to incorporate even the smallest change to make a big difference

communication inside ruttl

Shorter project timelines

Visual communication and collaborative working on ruttl ensures that it is the only website feedback tool you need for your customers.

People are talking about ruttl

Brand Designer


Definitely something every design team needs to keep all of their feedback organised.



ruttl makes it easy to get codes and develop the website perfectly, very useful!

Content Writer

Content Writer

Finally I can see how the copy I've written actually looks on the website, handy for the edits too!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ruttl really a free feedback tool?

yes, ruttl is really free to use! The first two web design projects are on us. You can invite your team members to join these projects and start collaborating together to review websites without having to pay a dollar for it!

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