Useful Tips

How to Capture Video Feedback or Screen Record Websites

Find out how you can capture video feedback from websites with this step-by-step guide, the importance of video feedback and the best tools for it.

Useful Tips

How to Annotate a PDF: 5 Steps and Best Practices

In this guide, learn how to annotate a PDF. We will also explore various methods, tools, and techniques of effective PDF annotation.

Design and Development

Image Annotation: An In-Depth Guide

Learn what is image annotation, its types, use cases, benefits, best practices and how you can use the image annotation tool to markup images.

Design and Development

11 Best web design practices/guidelines to follow in 2024

In this article, find out the best web design practices and guidelines that you should follow in 2023 to create stunning and responsive website designs


Top 22 Web Design Trends in 2024

Find out the latest web design trends, from 3D graphics, dark mode design, and loaded animations, to Microinteractions, Artificial Intelligence, and more!


What is a Bug Report? A Comprehensive Guide

Discover what is a bug report, its benefits, and effective strategies for resolving issues with well-crafted bug reports in this informative blog.


Top 19 Design Collaboration Software of 2024

Discover the top design collaboration software of 2023 and enhance your team's workflow. Streamline interactions, share ideas, and provide real-time feedback!


18 Best Customer Feedback Tools of 2023

Revolutionize your business with the top customer feedback tools of 2023. Gain valuable insights, enhance customer satisfaction, and stay ahead in the market.


15 Bug Report Templates for QA Testing in 2024

Discover a Bug Reporting Blueprint with 15 essential templates for QA Testing Workflow in 2023. Boost efficiency and streamline your software testing!

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