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11 Best Customer Feedback Tools In 2022

In this article, we have curated the best customer feedback tool that you should go for when looking to get insights into your buyer's experience with your businesses.

Design and Development

Best Web Development Podcasts In 2022

Whether you’re just entering the field of web development or looking for a way to earn more bucks in this field, web development podcasts are your one-stop solution for everything.

Design and Development

A Guide To Design Language Switch Button For Your Website

Whether for your clients or for your design agency, if you wish to make a mark with localization then you must create a multi-lingual website. Let's see how to design language switch button ?


Jira Vs Trello: Which One Is A Better Project Management Tool?

When we think of project management tools, two popular names come to mind — Jira and Trello. Let us ind out whether it is Jira or Trello that would work the best for your business.

Design and Development

A Lowdown On Bug Reports And How To Create Good One

Considering how effective bug reports can be for your web design and development endeavours, here's presenting everything you need to know about bug reports.

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How To Annotate PDFs And Best Annotation Tools To Review And Collaborate

PDFs have become our go-to document type but, there’s always that one looming question in our minds - “How to annotate a pdf?” Annotation tools!

Design and Development

Simplify Website With These 10 Best Website Annotation Tools

Here are some full-fledged website annotation tool you must consider as a design agency.

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Tips For Making Design Decisions On Different Stages Of SaaS Product Development

Everything you need to know about designing for your SaaS product through its development stages.

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Design Picks: 10 Pastel Icon Sets To Create Iconic Projects

To ease the process of icon designing for you, we have compiled some of the best icon design sets that are created by amazing designers across the globe.

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