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Have you Tried these Best Wireframing Tools Yet?

Written by Siddhita Upare
Published on November 10th, 2021

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A wireframe is important to give your users a seamless experience of your designs. Considered to be a blueprint of your design, a wireframe helps in mapping out the user interface. Depending upon the type of product, simple or complex that you wish to create, a wireframe can become minimal or intricate. A wireframe also helps you create a robust design foundation for your products.

The good news is that creating a wireframe is not difficult. As you are all set to grow your designing career, explore some of these best tools and their versatile features to create perfect wireframes without any hassles:

The Best Wireframe Tools for Your Designing Needs

  1. Figma
  2. Sketch
  3. Invision Studio
  5. Adobe XD

All of these wireframe tools are great on their own but they have a bunch of features and "super-powers" if we may say so, that makes them exceptional, take a look:

1. Figma

Widely loved by designers across the globe, Figma lets you seamlessly collaborate while making wireframes and more. As it is cloud-based, it beats a lot of its competitor tools. It is a bit expensive but hands-down, this wireframing tool compensates your money with tons of features to work all solo or with an extended team. To get started with, you can use their free trial to create three wireframe projects and give access to two editors.

2. Sketch

Incredibly popular as a lightweight vector design tool, Sketch is one of the oldest wireframe tools that you may explore for your project. It offers a basic and a pretty modern UI that you could integrate with various plugins for designing your wireframes. Sketch provides individual licenses as well as free plans without any software updates, so choose either and start making epic wireframes already!

3. Invision Studio

Invision Studio was widely being used as a prototyping tool but they have launched their wireframe tool as well now! Try it out to get both of them in go with Invision. With instant team hand-offs, Invision Studio makes your collaboration breezy. From pro till customized, they have various plans to accommodate your small and extended teams.

4. Adobe XD

Considered to be a must-have "weapon" in every designer's tool armour, Adobe XD lets you do everything from wireframing to product prototyping. Its user interface is pretty minimalistic and it helps you focus on your wireframes without any distractions. The other great feature of Adobe XD is that you do not need to constantly download your iterations or add plug-ins - so make your wireframes without any worries with Adobe XD.

Apart from these, there are many wireframing tools like Canva,, Cacoo, Fluid UI, Balsamiq, UXPin and more being used by designers. Try them out at your ease and choose the one that ticks all your wireframe requirement boxes then!

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