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Why ruttl Is The Future Of Collaboration Between Design Teams

Written by Siddhita Upare
Published on August 3rd, 2021

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As Paul Rand rightly said - design can be art, design can be simple and that’s why it is so complicated! But, the designing process should not be complicated for all the involved stakeholders like developers, writers and especially the design teams, don’t you agree?

Art and science, both are entwined for creating designs and that’s precisely why it garners relative feedback from the involved teams. A few of your teammates might need more negative space on the website. Your clients might ask for multiple changes without sharing contextual feedback. All of it could just snowball and overwhelm a passionate designer like you and of course, your team as well - we get it and we are here to help you with the fastest website annotation tool that we have designed in-house at Brucira, here’s presenting - Ruttl.

Design teams have to bear the brunt of collating feedback from multiple platforms and tools like slack, email, jira and more. What if you could magically figure and fix all the design improvements by collaborating on Ruttl? Feels unreal? Here’s how you could go about it:

Find & Resolve Comments on Live Website

Your clients, managers and other teams could comment on either the web or mobile interface of your design with the help of Ruttl. With easy highlights for the expected changes marked on Ruttl you could quickly find them and start working on them unlike on any other client feedback tool.

Review Live Website and Check Edit Requests

Got too many changes to make? You could access them one at a time through Ruttl’s easily accessible section for them. No need to waste time figuring out who requested that pixel change or copy edit, phew! Your clients could leave feedback on live website as well. Also, you could assign a few to your fellow design peer and get the job done within no time.

Navigate All the Project Activities

Need to track all the activities that were made on the project? We have got your back. Use our global activity panel to explore even the most basic edits that were done on your designs. So, just in case another designer takes over, he/she would know all the progress you have made on the project.

Work on Multiple Web Versions

Many projects could be convoluted enough and would need multiple versions that are simultaneously being revised. On Ruttl, you could work on multiple versions of the same project with your other design peers without any stress and downtime - take our word!

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