Customer Success Story #6

How Can Teams Make Use Of Ruttl To Reduce Costs And Launch Projects Faster?

Read on about how Afton’s team makes use of Ruttl to streamline client communication, reduce costs, and launch projects faster.

Afton Negrea is a digital strategist who mostly works with thought leaders that are doctors, authors, and speakers to help them build their courses and programs to reach a much wider audience. 

In this interview, we talk about:

  • What was their work process like before Ruttl?

  • How does Ruttl fit in in their everyday work life?

  • How did Ruttl impact their business?

  • Which features are their go-to features?

  • How does Ruttl help spark creativity?

  • What will Ruttl look like in the near future?

What was their work process like before Ruttl?

Afton’s team made use of Google Docs and emails before they hopped on to Ruttl. They found the process to be inefficient and leading to a lot of back-and-forth communication so they were on the lookout for a feedback tool that could be simple and effective, both for their internal team and the clients.

How does Ruttl fit in in their everyday work life?

Afton’s business deals with a lot of different clients. While some may be tech-savvy, some may not be. For non-tech savvy clients, it could be an overwhelming journey shifting from offline to online. But with Ruttl, they could streamline their entire process. All Afton needed to do was share a basic tutorial and make the clients understand that they could leave their feedback with a simple click. 

This helped their team reduce a lot of back-and-forth communication with their clients, especially when they were dealing with large projects.

“It has really changed the client experience for us.”

How did Ruttl impact their business?

“As freelancers or as designers, as we are building websites, we would add a certain amount of revisions or iterations to the website. The more revisions or iterations are made on a page, the costlier it could become either for the client or for us in terms of time. Ruttl has helped streamline our entire process.”

Apart from helping them reduce the number of iterations required, they could always visualize the back and forth between the revisions and see where they are in the process. This had a direct impact on cost reduction and more importantly, pushing projects to launch faster.

They also loved the fact that clients could make use of any mode - comment, a video recording, or uploading a document to leave their feedback. Afton prioritizes their client’s comfortability with the process and Ruttl helps her achieve that.

Which features are their go-to features?

Here are Afton’s three favorite features:

  • The ability to pull in new revised pages.

  • The functionality to see all their projects at one place and work on them.

  • Ruttl’s Asana integration that helps them create a workflow and assign tasks to their team members.

How does Ruttl help spark creativity?

Afton came up with a brilliant suggestion on how Ruttl can help spark creativity. In one of their team meetings, they were talking about the themes they have and how they could just change a few features or elements on a page and the result would be a completely different feel and look of the website. Being able to work with these iterations could help spark creativity within the team and come up with great ideas which would otherwise have been impossible to conjure.

What will Ruttl look like in the near future?

Here’s a glimpse into how Ruttl will look like in the future:

  • You can add Ruttl’s widget as a tool tip to your website which can be a great help to people in sales.

  • You will be able to review logged-in products

  • A chrome extension that will help you take any screen available on your web and take it as a project

  • The deploy feature that will help you make changes and deploy them directly on live website, without needing the help of a developer.

Afton and her team love working with Ruttl because of its simplicity and the time it saves. They have been able to push their projects to launch faster, with lesser costs and fewer hurdles in the process.

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