Integrate ruttl with your preferred work tools and make reviewing easier for you and your team members.

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Send comments to Asana

Add comments from your ruttl project to your preferred project on Asana. Assign this task to your team members on Asana with a due date and level of priority. This comment will also contain the device & browser information from which the comment was sent.

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View comments and edits on your Trello board

See your comments and edits as cards on your organisation’s Trello board and add them inside your preferred list. Add description to this card, assign it to a team member, add labels, change due dates, etc.

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Integrate with Slack app to get notified instantly about all project activities like commenting, editing, page addition, version addition, etc.

Get notified about project activities on your Slack

Integrate ruttl with your Slack account and receive all project updates like comments, edits and project changes - directly on Slack.

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MS Teams
Nifty PM
Zoho Cliq

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Are all integrations available across all subscription plans?

You’ll get unlimited access to all existing integrations in the Pro & Teams plan. With the Standard plan, you get unlimited access only to Slack & Trello integrations, whereas the Free plan will give you no integrations at all.

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