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What is ruttl?

ruttl is a website feedback tool for live websites. Just like Invision which is a feedback tool for static websites, ruttl allows you to review live links or staging links.

Currently, in order to review developed websites, people take screenshots and encircle the issues, and share a word doc with the developer. Alternatively, they just sit with the developers and ask them to make the changes. But these processes are very tedious and time taking. On an average, a single page takes around 3-4 hours to review, and still, the final output is just close to perfection. That’s why we created ruttl.

ruttl allows you to leave comments on live websites and make real time edits so you can give precise, contextual feedback to your team. It allows you to leave comments on live websites and make real time edits such as content changes, text alignments, image replacements, position change of web elements, change in font properties, change in background colours, change in button shape and its properties, switch between desktop and mobile mode etc.

Create your ruttl account

Creating your ruttl account is very simple. Anyone can sign up and use ruttl for free. You can join as an individual or as a team.

There are 2 ways to sign up for Ruttl:

  1. Using Google Sign-up
  2. Using your email address and a unique password

To sign-up using your Google account, simply click on the button of ‘Continue with Google’, and login using your Gmail address. Your account will be created on ruttl right away.

  1. Head to Ruttl and click Sign Up in the top right corner.
  2. Enter your email address and a unique password in the fields provided.
  3. Clicking on the ‘Create Account’ button will send a verification email.
  4. Click on the verification link, choose an avatar, and fill in your name to complete the process.

You will be logged into your new ruttl account immediately.

Here, you can set your display name, choose an avatar (if you chose to ‘Continue with Google’, your default avatar will be your Google account’s profile photo) and then start using ruttl.

How to use ruttl: Your quick start guide

To start using ruttl, please create a project from the main dashboard screen. Name your project and once it is created, please copy the URL of the webpage you would like to review and paste it inside the project. Click on ‘View page’ and your webpage will start loading on ruttl.

The webpage loads in ‘Comment mode’ by default, and you shall be able to comment on any part of your webpage. From the bottom bar, switch to ‘Preview mode’ to simply view the entire webpage. Switching to ‘Edit mode’ will bring up the most of ruttl for you.

Here, you can edit content, change font properties, replace images, change position of text, images and other web elements, change button properties, switch between desktop and mobile mode, and a lot more. Learn more by  or logging in and start using ruttl.

Understand your access in ruttl

View access -Enables you to view all webpages inside this project, view all comments and all the edits made to web pages inside this project. However, you will not be able to comment or edit anything inside this shared project.

Comment mode -Enables you to see all comments and leave your comments on live pixels of a webpage. You can also tag/mention your teammates or your client, and get contextual feedback on the webpages of this shared project. But you cannot make any edits to the webpage.

Edit mode -Enables you to manage everything - right from comments to edits on all the pages inside the shared project.

Navigate your ruttl project

To navigate between your webpages, there are 2 ways:

  1. If you are inside your project’s screen, simply select any webpage and you will be able to load that specific webpage.
  2. If you have loaded any webpage from your project, simply hover to the top left position and click on the ‘Pages’ button. This button will also indicate the number of pages added to this project.

Inviting users

There are two ways to invite other users to your project:

  1. Inviting via email ID of another user (login required from another user too) - Hover on the card of the project which you would like to share. On the top right, click on the Share button. A pop-up window will appear. In this pop-up, enter the email address of the user whom you want to invite, select the level of access (View, Comment or Edit) and then send invite. The user will receive an Invite email, and with this email, the user will be able to access your ruttl project.
  2. Inviting via project’s shareable link (login not required for sharing in View mode by default, but required for Comment or Edit modes) - Suppose you wish to invite your client to this project, but in most cases, your client would not prefer logging in to any platform just to see the progress. Hence, we have created this shareable link mode, with the help of which, your client will be able to see all the progress on the webpage, without any login. To do so, click on share either from inside the project (top right corner), inside the webpage (left side of the bottom bar), or on the main home dashboard (top right corner of project card). Once the share pop-up opens, toggle the Shareability to ‘On’ position and then copy the link. Sharing this link will enable your client to look at all the project communications and project edits directly without any login.