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Top 20 Website Feedback Tools of 2024

Written by Harsh Vijay
Published on February 22nd, 2023

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Did you know that 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a website after a bad user experience? In today's digital age, website feedback has become essential for businesses to improve their online presence and customer satisfaction.

Without a proper feedback system, it's almost impossible to identify and resolve the issues that hinder user experience on your website. As the importance of website feedback continues to grow, it's essential to have the right tools to measure and analyse it.

In this comprehensive comparison guide, we'll explore the top 20 website feedback tools that you should consider for your business in 2024.

Using these tools, businesses can expect improved website performance, higher customer satisfaction, and increased revenue.

So, whether you're a small business owner or a marketing professional, this guide is a must-read to help you find the perfect website feedback tool for your business.

So, let's get started!

Features to look for in a website feedback tool

When choosing a website feedback tool, there are several features and factors to consider. Here are some important things to look for:

1. User-friendly

The tool should be easy to use, both for you and for your website visitors. Look for a tool that has a simple and intuitive interface that doesn't require extensive technical knowledge.

2. Customization options

Different websites have different needs, so it's important to look for a feedback tool that you can customize to suit your specific requirements. For example, you can choose which questions you ask visitors or to customize the feedback form's design to match your branding.

3. Multiple feedback channels

You can get feedback via email, phone, or text message — and some tools offer all three (and more). The more channels you access, the more people can give their thoughts on your website or app.

4. Real-time notifications

Real-time notifications are an easy way to keep your team updated about new feedback. Not only does this make it easy for everyone to see what is happening on your website, but it also makes it easy for them to respond to issues quickly. This means that you can get more feedback and fix issues faster.

5. Analytics and reporting

It's important to be able to track and analyze the feedback you receive. Look for a tool that provides detailed analytics and reporting features. It'll help you gain insights into your website's strengths and weaknesses.

6. Integrations

It's important to choose a tool that can integrate with other tools and platforms, such as your CRM, communication channels, or project management system. This will help you streamline your feedback management process.

7. Security and privacy

You want to ensure that any data collected by your feedback tool will be safe and secure. Look for features such as SSL encryption and multiple firewalls. You should also ensure that the tool complies with relevant privacy regulations and uses secure encryption to protect user data.

Top 20 Website Feedback Tools for 2024

1. ruttl

ruttl review websites and web apps

ruttl is a collaborative feedback and design communication tool that helps web designers and developers work together efficiently on website projects. With ruttl, you can easily gather and manage feedback from clients, team members, and stakeholders in one place.

Using the activity panel in ruttl, you can conveniently keep track of all the changes, edits, and comments you make to your website. Furthermore, ruttl's unique capability to involve your customers in the feedback process makes it the only solution to reduce web app review time by half. This translates to faster feedback and a better user experience on your website.

In short, ruttl is more than just an alternative; it is the ideal solution to engage your customers in the feedback process.

Top features

  • Provide Feedback: With ruttl, you can leave comments on specific elements rather than locations. This helps to provide context for your feedback.

ruttl comment

  • Feedback management: Allows businesses to collect and organize customer feedback on web pages, web apps, images, and PDFs.

Feedback management

  • Collaboration: Provides tools for team members to discuss and collaborate on customer feedback and ideas by simply adding their emails. Clients don't need to sign up to give feedback.


  • Task management: Offers features for raising tickets, setting deadlines, and tracking progress.

task management

  • Integration: ruttl offers integration with 3000+ tools with Zapier. You can also integrate slack with ruttl to get instant feedback notifications straight into your slack channel.


  • Screenshot annotation: Allows users to highlight and annotate screenshots to communicate issues and suggestions better.

screenshot annotation

  • Custom branding and white labeling: ruttl offers the ability to fully customize the look and feel of your branded content, including logos, fonts, and color schemes. With ruttl's white labeling capabilities, you can present your branded content giving your clients a seamless and professional experience.

custom branding

  • Customer support: ruttl offers commendable customer feedback support on all channels - Slack, email, in-app feedback button, and live chat.

customer support


ruttl offers a free plan, and the paid plans start at $13/month.


4.6/5 (Getapp)

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2. HotJar


Hotjar is a user behaviour analysis tool that helps website owners understand how their visitors interact with their sites. It offers a range of features to achieve this goal, including heatmaps, recordings, surveys, and integrations to share feedback with developers.

Top Features

  • The Heatmap feature provides a visual representation of where users click and spend their time on a website.
  • The recording feature allows you to watch live playbacks of users as they navigate your site.
  • Real-time feedback box where visitors can express their frustrations or suggestions through surveys.
  • Advanced analytics will help you gain deeper insights into user behavior on your site.


Hotjar's pricing starts at $66 per month.


4.7/5 (Getapp)

3. Zonka Feedback

zonka feedback

Zonka Feedback is a website feedback tool that provides real-time feedback and analytics to help website owners understand their visitors' experiences. The tool can be set up in various ways on your website to capture feedback from visitors.

Top Features

  • Capture leads and feedback with website feedback buttons, website-embedded surveys, feedback popups, and exit intent surveys.
  • Customize and create the voice of customer surveys, and measure CX metrics with NPS, CES, and CSAT surveys.
  • Measure feedback and conduct surveys at different touchpoints, including cart abandonment, post-transaction, onboarding, and lead capture.
  • Trigger surveys based on specific events and interactions on the website.
  • Get real-time responses and instant alerts


Zonka Feedback's pricing starts at $79 per month.


4.7/5 (g2)

4. UserVoice


UserVoice is a feedback management tool that centralizes feedback from customers and internal teams in one easy-to-navigate portal. The tool provides a streamlined process to identify top ideas for product improvement, filter feedback by user and account segments, and gauge user excitement for upcoming features with a simple upvote/downvote system.

Top Features

  • Centralized portal for feedback management
  • Upvote/downvote system to gauge user excitement for upcoming features and identify top ideas
  • Filter feedback by user and account segments
  • Integration with other tools
  • Detailed analytics and reporting


UserVoice's pricing starts at $799 per month.


4.4/5 (g2)

5. Hubspot Survey Tools


Hubspot Survey Tools is a customer feedback platform that helps businesses get insights into their products, services, and customer experiences. The tool is included in the Hubspot Suite, which provides a comprehensive set of marketing, sales, and customer service tools for businesses.

Top Features

  • Multi-channel online surveys with email or hosted on websites
  • Customizable survey templates
  • Integration with other Hubspot tools, such as CRM and marketing automation
  • Detailed analytics and reporting
  • Automatic survey follow-ups and reminders to boost response rates and gather more data.


Hubspot Survey Tools' pricing starts at $41 per month.


4.3/5 (Getapp)

6. UserBrain


UserBrain is a user testing tool that allows businesses to capture user sessions and improve their website's user experience and user interface. The tool offers a unique approach to user testing, enabling businesses to set up specific tasks and observe real people interacting with their products.

Top Features

  • User testing with real people to capture their interactions with your product and improve your website's UX and UI
  • The ability to set up specific tasks for users to complete
  • Playback videos of user sessions
  • Regular delivery of user testing videos of users in your chosen demographic
  • Easy integration with other tools


UserBrain's pricing starts at $69 per month.


4.3/5 (Getapp)

7. Survey Monkey

survey monkey

SurveyMonkey is a versatile survey platform that provides businesses across industries with the tools to conduct market research, collect customer feedback, and optimize their strategies for maximum return on investment.

Top Features

  • Advanced surveys with various question types, skip logic and branching to create detailed, customized surveys.
  • Easy creation and customization of surveys and feedback widgets
  • AI-powered touchpoint tracking
  • Integration with other tools
  • Detailed analytics and reporting


SurveyMonkey's pricing starts at $31 per month.


4.6/5 (Getapp)

8. GetFeedback


GetFeedback is a CX platform that offers a wide range of tools to collect contextual feedback on the customer journey. The platform integrates with popular CRM software such as Salesforce, making it easy to manage feedback and customer data in one place.

Top Features

  • In-app and SMS surveys to gather feedback at every touchpoint in the customer journey
  • Real-time notifications allow for timely and effective response
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Integration with Salesforce and other popular CRM software
  • Customizable surveys and feedback forms tailored to your business needs


GetFeedback offers custom pricing plans depending on your business needs.


4.3/5 (g2)

9. Qualaroo


Qualaroo is a website feedback tool that allows you to conduct on-page surveys to specific users as they browse different pages on your site. The tool provides valuable insights into visitor behavior and allows you to send tailored feedback forms at different points in their customer journey.


  • Provides detailed visitor data, such as their location, demographics, and purchase behavior
  • Send customized feedback forms to visitors as they navigate your site


Qualaroo's pricing starts at $80 per month.


4.7/5 (Getapp)

10. Typeform


TypeForm is a survey tool that allows businesses to collect valuable feedback and customer insights. Its feedback widget is a quick and easy way to uncover opportunities and determine what works and doesn't. TypeForm offers plugins that support many platforms, making it easy to embed forms on any website. Reports can be easily shared with popular third-party integrations.

Top Features

  • Customizable surveys and feedback forms
  • Wide range of question types, including multiple-choice, open-ended, and rating scales
  • Easy embedding with TypeForm plugins
  • Reports and analytics that provide valuable insights
  • Integrations with popular third-party tools


TypeForm offers pricing plans starting from $29 per month, with additional features and customization available on higher-tier plans.


4.5/5 (g2)

11. Mopinion


Mopinion is a website feedback tool that enables users to click on specific elements on a website to provide feedback. It allows testers to demonstrate the issues they encounter easily.

Top Features

  • Data-rich reports for each form (browser, URL, etc.)
  • Contextual surveys on the page (e.g., "Did you find the information you were looking for?") Analytics
  • Integrates with several platforms, including Slack, Google Analytics, WordPress, and Jira.


Starts at $229 per month.


4.1/5 (g2)

12. Feedbackify


Feedbackify is a user-friendly website feedback tool that allows visitors to share suggestions without leaving the site. It enhances customer-centricity and branding by customizing feedback channels with the company logo. Feedbackify prioritizes privacy, offering an instant feedback process that doesn't require registration, minimizing feedback drop-out.

Top Features

  • Easy creation of custom feedback forms
  • Option to add categories and your logo
  • Embeddable feedback button on your website
  • Collection of customer feedback, including URL, geographic location, and environment info


Pricing for Feedbackify starts at $19 per month.


4/5 (cuspera)

13. Kiyoh


Kiyoh is a website feedback tool that enables businesses to gather, integrate, and share authentic customer reviews on various social media platforms. Its range of features allows it to become an all-in-one solution for businesses.

Top Features

  • Collects authentic customer reviews that can appear in search engine results and snippets
  • Allows for personalized invitations via SMS, Facebook, and other social media channels
  • Comes with a widget for publishing reviews on emails, websites, invoices, and more
  • Integrates with Integromat, Alumino, and other popular platforms


Starts at €24.95/month.



14. Bazaarvoice


Bazaarvoice is a website feedback tool that aims to help businesses establish better connections with potential customers, thus increasing the chances of converting them into regular customers. The platform also acquired Influenster to enhance its user-generated content solutions and streamline the product review process.

Top Features

  • Allows embedding of text-based reviews, photos, and social media posts on your website
  • Provides integrations with popular tools such as Salesforce, Magneto, Shopify, and Sprinklr
  • Collects and integrates reviews and visual feedback from various social media platforms into your product
  • Enables you to conduct sampling campaigns to collect feedback before launching a product
  • Allows businesses to respond to customer reviews and keep them updated
  • Offers an in-built Q&A dashboard and in-depth reporting with sentiment analysis


Available on request.


4.2/5 (Getapp)

15. Feefo


Feefo is a comprehensive software suite that aggregates reviews from various platforms. It includes key features like campaign management, feedback analysis, review monitoring, and response management. With a focus on customer reviews, Feefo also provides add-on features like communication management, video content, and predictive analytics.

Top Features

  • Schedule and send personalized review requests to customers
  • Set alerts for low NPS score responses
  • Manage all reviews from several platforms with Feefo Hub
  • Utilize sentiment analysis to gain valuable insights from reviews
  • Integrates with BigCommerce, Shopify, Google Analytics, and other platforms


Starting at $93 per month


3.9/5 (shopify)

16. Reevo


Reevoo is a web-based tool that helps businesses manage website content, collect customer reviews, and streamline interactions. It promotes transparent and independent feedback to help customers make informed purchase decisions. Reevoo is used by businesses worldwide to understand customers' buying behavior and build trust.

Top Features

  • Helps businesses collect both product and seller reviews
  • Allows reviews to be published on both Google and Facebook
  • Sends personalized invitations to customers to collect feedback and reviews
  • Includes an authentication system that ensures only genuine reviews are posted
  • Provides widgets to show reviews on website pages.


Available on request


4/5 (g2)

17. UseResponse


UseResponse is a website feedback tool designed to collect automatic feedback at critical customer touchpoints, providing contextual information and measuring valuable customer metrics like CES, NPS, and CSAT. The tool offers behavior analysis, survey management, analytics, text analysis, and multi-channel data collection to help you better understand your customers and improve their experience.

Top Features

  • Provides feedback boards and widgets for websites and mobile apps
  • Allows customers to post issues, new feature requests, and customer feedback
  • Enables you to add internal notes to the posted feedback
  • Provides a centralized inbox that tracks feedback
  • Helps you ask for feedback from customers with resolved tickets using CSAT surveys
  • Integrates with Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, and Line


Starts at $1490/year


4.7/5 (g2)

18. Sprinklr


Sprinklr is a website feedback tool that offers a complete enterprise Social Media Management System utilizing Cloud technology to help companies optimize, create, and manage social experiences. Its AI engine provides actionable insights that can be used for collaboration and innovation based on real-time customer data.

Top Features

  • Interprets data from different social channels for market and user research
  • Connects you with customers on 30+ channels
  • Supports automating workflows and processes and driving first-contact resolutions
  • Offers AI-powered CSAT Prediction
  • Automates CSAT surveys to follow up on customers
  • Offers integrations with Adobe Analytics, Adobe Experience Manager, Aeris Weather, and Adobe Marketo Engage


Available on request


4.2/5 (GetApp)

19. Userback


Userback is a web-based customer feedback and bug tracking tool that enables companies to collect feedback and bug reports from their customers in a visual and user-friendly way. It allows for real-time collaboration between teams to resolve issues and improve customer satisfaction.

Top Features

  • Allows customers to provide feedback in the form of annotated screenshots and video recordings
  • Enables users to submit bug reports by highlighting the issue and adding comments
  • Integrates with popular project management tools
  • Conversations linked with screenshots


Starts at $14/month


4.8/5 (GetApp)

20. Usersnap


Usersnap is a visual feedback and bug tracking tool that allows you to capture feedback directly on your website or web application. With Usersnap, you can get contextual feedback from your users and customers, share and collaborate on feedback with your team, and track and resolve issues with ease.

Top Features

  • Lets you capture screenshots and annotate feedback
  • Feedback menu and button
  • Detailed reporting


Starts at $15 per month


4.7/5 (GetApp)

Wrapping Up

Website feedback tools are essential for creating a website that caters to the users' needs and wants. Each of the 20 website feedback tools discussed in this article has unique features that make it suitable for website design and user testing purposes.

Among these tools, ruttl stands out as a user-friendly platform that offers easy collaboration, faster feedback, and time-saving features. If you want to create a better website design and enhance user experience, then ruttl is the perfect tool.

Don't forget to check out our blog section for more information on website design, UI/UX, and other helpful tips for creating a better website.

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