Perform website annotation in
the fastest way possible!

Annotate websites by leaving comments, edit CSS elements and sharing precise design feedback with your designers and developers.

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More than 11000 creators and businesses across the world trust ruttl

How it works

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1. Create a project

Log into your ruttl account and create a new project.

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2. Add Any URL

Just copy and paste any website URL during the project creation.

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3. Start Annotating

Click on any part of the website and start annotating it with textual comments.


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Annotate web pages with comments

Markup websites and leave detailed feedback with the help of text comments and video recordings on live webpages.

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Assign and resolve comments

Tag your teammates, assign comments as tasks, set deadlines, and resolve them once the task is finished

Enable guest commenting

No need to sign up or log in every time a client needs to share feedback. Simply send a shareability link to them and enable guest commenting

Replace images on live website

Have a lot of selected images? See how each one of them looks on your website and finalize the one that matches the best

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Add and record multiple versions

Create multiple versions of your website and navigate to each version easily with a click and see all the activities going on in there

Seamless connection with tools

Export important comments to tools like Slack, Trello, and Asana so that you don't miss out on any important updates

People love talking about ruttl 💜

ruttl is miles ahead in terms of features, ease of use, speed, and product innovation! It’s my go-to for collecting client feedback.

Joe Fletcher

Joe Fletcher

Founder of Fletcher Digital

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Afton Negrea

Afton Negrea

Digital Business Strategist,

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I’m able to make edits to the code directly from the platform- it speeds up your projects by allowing clients to review real time, and note changes. If you’re a web designer or developer, it will definitely speed up your work.

Kanesha Harper

Kanesha Harper

Founder at The Arch Effect

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It is an essential tool for any web agency- clients can just comment and get an idea of the rendering even before the work is done!

Ludovic Clain

Ludovic Clain

Founder of PrakSite

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ruttl has been a blessing because it simplified our feedback process, no long emails just to figure out what clients are trying to talk about!

Laurence Anthony

Laurence Anthony

Director of Pixallus

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