Why ClickUp Is Great For Project Management?

Written by Siddhita Upare
Published on February 16th, 2022

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Whether you are a project manager or an important member of the design team, we all need to handle projects. Projects can easily get haywire if not managed properly. In fact, according to a research by KPMG, a whopping 70% of organizations went through at least one project failure in the last 12 months.

Here’s how ClickUp can be a great savior when it comes to managing projects efficiently and pushing them to success faster.

What is ClickUp?

ClickUp is a project management tool that has plethora of features like time tracking, task assignment, and so on that can help you manage and organize projects efficiently. You can even track your progress and goals so that you can recognize bottlenecks earlier and make sure delays don’t happen.

Here’s a detailed list of benefits you can get with ClickUp:

Manage projects in different views

What if you don’t have time to view the entire task list of your project team? The list view can be perfect for you. They also have other views such as Box, Gantt, Calendar and Board view to build the perfect workflow for your project.

Set clear expectations with time tracking

With ClickUp’s time tracking feature, you can assign tasks with time estimates and monitor the time spent on each phase of the project by getting detailed reports.

Collaborate better

Not only assigning tasks, you can comment on tasks or documents instead of having to send an email for every little thing. With real-time notifications, attachments and updates, you eliminate all the confusion, errors, and misunderstandings that often happen in large and medium-scale projects. What does this have a direct impact on? Faster project completion. A win-win for you and your clients.

Have a visual outline for your design team

So many times, you may need to see how a project will be phased out by drawing it out. ClickUp provides a mind mapping feature with which you can plan out projects and even individual tasks, project phases, and ideas.

Prioritize tasks

Not every task is equal in every project. For example, in a client design project, working on the features page may be on priority as the client may want to put up that page and activate the website. In such a case, you can set priorities on individual tasks so that the team knows which ones are urgent and which ones have flexible timeline.

Create templates

So many of your projects may have common things like checklists, tasks, and so on. Create templates so that you can save time for every upcoming project.

Have goal tracking

You can measure project goals in ClickUp by tying them to specific tasks, monetary values, numbers, and so on. This way, as a project manager, you can stay updated with the important goals and can easily track them from time to time.

Project management is going to be even more important in the days to come. For that same reason, Ruttl is coming up with an exciting ClickUp integration to make your feedback process even more streamlined. With just a click, you’d be able to assign tasks from Ruttl and so much more.

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