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What Is User Feedback And How To Collect It?

Written by Siddhita Upare
Published on March 4th, 2022

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You might think your website design is top-notch but somehow your visitors are bouncing off after just 10 seconds on the website. Or you might think that the navigation of your mobile app is easy but your users are finding it difficult to go from one page to another.

The truth is, your users and visitors know much more about your product than you do, for one simple reason - they are the ones using it daily.

In such a scenario, gathering their feedback is paramount for businesses.

What is user feedback?

User feedback is data collected from your customers on your website, mobile app, or via email campaigns. With the help of user feedback, customers can react to your products or express their concerns and issues.

This feedback can then be used to improvise your product, build trust among customers, and further make use of this data for designing, developing, building marketing communication, and even using good user feedback as testimonials.

How to collect user feedback?


You can see what users have to say about your website, what areas they need you to work on, and what areas they like the best on your website. You can collect this feedback by having a generic feedback survey on your website that pops up in certain situations, or at the bottom of your website that is always accessible.

If you have made changes to your website, you can even have your visitors give their opinion on that.


You can gather in-moment feedback from your customers when they are using your mobile app. You can not only measure CSAT and NPS, but you can also gauge customer sentiment by keeping open comments on your surveys. Apart from that you can even launch surveys for the new features you have added to your apps, make the customer experience more personalized by creating different user personas according to the feedback you receive, and understand various customer pain points and improvise your in-app UX.


Let’s suppose your company always has a lot of email campaigns going on. These campaigns could be on cross-selling, promotions, new features, or even the latest updates from your blog and newsletters. Are the readers going through your entire email? Are they liking the content you’re sharing? Does this content make them want to take an action? Do they have any suggestions for you? You can find out about all this by having feedback surveys in your emails. You can do this by embedding email signature feedback, email campaign feedback, and email feedback surveys.

Take note, that the data you collect is only as good as you use it. Find creative ways to use it. For example, use it to guide your design team. Or try to use it in your marketing campaigns or customer service calls.

Before you get on to create your next survey, remember to keep it short and make it as conversational as possible.

All in all, user feedback, when collected in the right way can give you brilliant insights to take your UX and even business to another level.

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