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Written by Harsh Vijay
Published on September 8th, 2020

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Every invention that changed the world grew from frustration and the idea that things could be done better in a new way. We believe that ruttl is an innovative way of working for designers and developers while collaborating on the creation of a website.

Want to know what makes us so confident?

We asked designers, illustrators, developers, and content writers to tell us about problems they found most irritating when working on web design projects and we fixed them:

Live Website Edits

The biggest issue faced by web developers is the difficulty of enabling a change in the website UI and UX design via specific comments from the stakeholders. With ruttl, we introduce allow users to make edits on live websites! This means that developers can see exactly what changes need to be made on their screen and implement them properly. Gone are the days when you would have to click a plethora of screenshots to share with developers to get the changes they need on their website.

Similarly, another common issue that developers and designers face is the incongruous way of working when it comes to design and development. ruttl offers a collaborative platform where designers can directly make the changes on the live website project and add any comments for the developers to take a look at. Fewer screenshots, better visual feedback, it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Don’t like the look of that header or the font it uses? No problem, you can change it directly from ruttl’s intuitive text box feature.

Edit Copy Directly on the Live Website Link

In fact, with ruttl, all editing and copy changes can now be done directly on the live website to visualize exactly how your website will look, while you make those changes. How cool is that?

Illustrators and graphic designers in particular face the brunt of the lack of a collaboration tool that enables changes to be finalized quickly. Many an illustrator will tell you with a grim face about the last time they received vague, unclear instructions from the client, not knowing how to proceed further. Verbal guidelines for an illustration or design requirement sometimes lead to a finished creative that isn’t really in mind with what the client envisioned.

When you work on website projects with ruttl, you receive clear feedback in the form of comments directly on the illustration so you know exactly what’s in the client’s mind. This works the other way as well — ruttl allows designers to showcase how their work would look on a live website allowing the client to get a clear understanding of what this visual would add to the website.

Avoid Long Email Threads

Even if you manage to execute the client’s vision perfectly with those guidelines, you’re now faced with multiple emails flooding your inbox. Some from the client, detailing feedback and asking for changes, some from the web developer who isn’t able to understand what is exactly needed to make that graphic work on the website.

Earlier, there was no platform which allowed clients to address their grievances with the website design, or for designers provide feedback to the developers without using email or third-party applications like Slack. This inevitably leads to multiple problems; losing a feedback email amongst the mountain of emails needed to sift through, painfully drafting entire paragraphs to detail the changes in one line or one part of the website, or, you know, more screenshots.

When you use ruttl, you can say goodbye to lengthy email threads with feedback and design issues. We provide a way through which content writers, designers, and developers can work in harmony directly on the live website. ruttl allows users to invite team members to view or comment on the project, which means all of the feedback you get is visual and stored in one place.

Reduced Post-Development Review Time

Playing the long waiting game to get your website changes approved by all the parties involved — stakeholders, investors, managers — can be incredibly frustrating. ruttl combats this issue by drastically reducing the waiting time faced by writers and developers by organizing the review process such that all the required comments and markups meant for the designers and developers are easy to find in one spot. This means your inbox remains uncluttered but you still get a notification whenever someone makes a change on your project.

ruttl is the future of design review.

Website development is going to get so much more exciting now that you can make live edits to the copy and change what you want while asking your team members to collaborate with you directly on the project. We’re excited, are you?

ruttl has been built as a website feedback tool for designers, by designers. We know what you want. We know what you need. Want to see what a live website review tool can do for you? Join our beta launch waitlist here. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

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