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Best Web Development Podcasts In 2024

Written by Siddhita Upare
Published on April 18th, 2022

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Whether you’re just entering the field of web development or looking for a way to earn more bucks in this field, web development podcasts are your one-stop solution for everything.

They can inspire you, keep you updated with the latest technology and hacks, and help you learn from the greatest in the field.

A quick Google search and you’ll find hundreds of web development podcasts. But are all of them worth your time? Well, no!

This blog will make your search easier. So, let's dive in!

Here are the 14 web development podcasts you must subscribe to.

1. Syntax


Hosted by Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski, Syntax covers various technical topics from JavaScript frameworks to command-line tools. As both the hosts are popular teachers, their material is easy-to-understand and the wording and delivery are perfect for both beginners and professionals. They have created over 300 podcasts now and thus are experts at making podcasts that don’t bore you out. You can get to listen to their experiences, how they work, some fun bad dad jokes, and a lot more. The best part? They publish two times a week so you don’t get overwhelmed with too much content.

2. Developer Tea


The name comes from the fact that you can listen to these podcasts in your tea break - each episode is about 15-20 minutes long. This podcast is a little different from the rest in this niche. Instead of covering the same topics centering around coding and frameworks, Jonathan Cutrell, Developer Tea’s host, introduces you to the novel perspective on tech and delves deep into problem-solving, exceptions in tech, cognitive biases, mindset shift, and a lot more. Start this podcast series with an open mind and stick with it for a few weeks before you form an opinion about it.

3. PodRocket


If you’re a front-end developer, PodRocket is the place you should be at. They do weekly interviews with large industry profiles so you get to learn from the best in the field. The one unique thing about these interviews are that they are pretty well researched. The host takes time to know the guests well and thus poses questions that are actually helpful to the listener. These interviews revolve around frameworks, libraries, and tech problems the interviewees deal with every day.

4. Code Newbie


As the name suggests, Code Newbie is a podcast for people who are interested in web development but don’t know how to get started. They publish an episode every Monday where they feature other developers, programmers, and experts in the tech industry who are great at coding. They talk about their journeys and share their own go-to tools, hacks and where they get their inspiration from. These interviews can help you know about many useful facts and hacks that you can use in your web development projects. One amazing thing about Code Newbie is that they have their forum where you can interact with other web developers.

5. 99% Invisible

99% Invisible

Looking for inspiration? Or looking for a podcast that you can listen to while commuting? 99% Invisible is a design-focused podcast which covers general design topics. This podcast changes your perspective and you look at the everyday world in a much more appreciative and creative way. It blends architecture, design, and cultural values to inspire your sense of curiosity by making you see the power of design in things you never noticed before. This is perfect for all of you who are stuck in a creative rut and are looking for inspiration.

6. The Web Ahead

the web ahead

Hosted by Jen Simmons, The Web Ahead talks about the future of the web and new technologies in the field. They have a range of topics like HTML, CMS, mobile development, layouts, tools, real-time web, responsive design, and so on. The show also interviews experts around the world and thus has a lot of things you can learn from. Awarded the Podcast of the year in 2015 and with over 100 episodes, you can choose to get started with the topic of your choice today itself.

7. The Bike Shed

The Bike Shed

Hosted by Chris Toomey and Steph Viccari, The Bike Shed is all about discussing their own personal experiences with web development and the challenges they face working on Rails, JavaScript, and other projects they are working on currently. The content of these podcasts thus feel relatable as they describe their everyday problems with web development. These episodes come out once or twice a week and thus you don’t get bombarded with too much information that many find difficult to process. You can even search for specific topics through their search section and listen to those that interest you.

8. Shop Talk Show


Hosted by Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert, this podcast focuses on front-end web design and development. Shop Talk Show is a weekly podcast with episodes that are about an hour long so if you’re someone who likes episodes that are long but in-depth, this is a podcast you should subscribe. These episodes revolve around topics like customer experience, CSS, layouts, etc. Every week, they feature great interviews with experts in the field of web development. These experts also answer questions submitted by listeners so you can get a chance to ask questions to these experts and learn from them.

9. Full Stack Radio

Full Stack Radio

Adam Wathan runs Full Stack Radio and he makes the listeners have a great time by interviewing interesting personalities within the web development community. Adam combines his great skill of listening with insightful responses that make for great discussions and wonderful episodes. These episodes often center around problems related to the real world and the processes developers can take to solve them. Even if the episodes sometimes go over that 1 hour mark, you would feel the time flying by very quickly. Episodes usually release every few weeks so you can definitely carve up the space for them in your schedule.

10. Front End Happy Hour

Front End Happy Hour

Front End Happy Hour shares with you the latest tools, libraries and resources that emerged in the web development world during the past week. Front end being a necessary part for every web developer to build a great website, this podcast aims to make you ready for any challenges that come during your coding journey and how you can make use of certain tools to make things easier. The podcast also features a panel of experts from organizations such as Evernote, LinkedIn, and Netflix where the latest trends in front-end are discussed. If you’re a front end developer, this podcast is a must-have on your list.

11. JavaScript Jabber

JavaScript Jabber

JavaScript Jabber holds a weekly panel discussion that consists of 3-4 people and thus is very conversational in nature. You should have a basic knowledge of JavaScript to get more learnings from this podcast. It covers everything from front end to back end and makes sure that you’re updated about all the latest happenings when it comes to the world of JavaScript. The topics range from JS frameworks to JS communities and careers. Apart from the web ecosystem, they also touch upon mobile, NodeJS, and language features.

12. React Podcast

React Podcast

If you are into all things React, you must add this to your list of favorite podcasts. React Podcast invites a guest every week for an hour-long discussion around their topic of interest. Michael Chan, the host of this podcast knows how to make these interviews interesting by getting his guests to open up and talk about the things they are passionate about. While they haven’t posted any new episodes after 2020, there are still hundred of them on their website that you can go through.

13. Career Chats

Career chats

Wondering about how to take that next step when it comes to a career in web development? Or want to know that one idea that can take your work to the next level? Career Chats is a podcast that talks about all this and more. It is hosted by Swyx and Randall and the podcast has just finished its first season with about 18 episodes for you to indulge in. This season has it all from how to write cold emails to land your dream job to how to pick a coding bootcamp. The best part? These episodes revolve around hyperfocus (one key idea that can change your life) which is why the episodes are impactful and short - just about 10-15 minutes long and you can fit these episodes whenever you have free time.

14. Chats with Kent

chats with Kent C. Dodds

Kent, the host of Chats with Kent, is not just a fantastic developer but an incredible teacher and writer too. A reason why his one-on-one discussions with his guests are full of insightful responses and facts. His guests are some of the most famous personalities of web development and they cover different topic areas such as career development, modern technologies, web development problems, and a lot more. The most amazing part about this podcast is that they drop entire seasons at a time like Netflix so you can binge on these episodes. The podcast has its latest third season out but you can check out their earlier seasons as well.


Whether you want to know how to advance in your career or need to learn about front-end development, these podcasts can help you. With so many of them inviting esteemed guests on their episodes, you are guaranteed an enriching learning experience and a chance to learn from the best in the field.

To find out those 2 or 3 podcasts that fit you the best, try experimenting by watching a couple of episodes and then making an informed choice.

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