5 Ways To Set Up Your Web Design Projects For Success

Written by Siddhita Upare
Published on January 19th, 2022

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Web design projects can be fun but they can also be full of complexities. With multiple people collaborating on one project, things can turn out to be quite messy. Here are 5 ways you can set up your web design projects for success (and have fun along the way)

1. Have examples in hand

You might have certain ideas in mind and client specifications that you need to follow. Instead of telling your team, “We need a sleek design for the home page” or “We need to follow a muted color tone”, find out website examples that give a clear direction to your team of what the end result should turn out to be.

2. Discuss the project plan

Before starting with the project, have a discussion with all the project stakeholders about how the project will move ahead and the details of every phase. Allow everyone to pitch in their ideas and suggestions. What does this accomplish? Everyone knows the roadmap and since everyone agreed to the plan, it also inculcates a sense of accountability and responsibility.

3. Create subtasks

A project can seem very daunting if seen as a whole. Instead, break it down into small subtasks for every phase. Assign these subtasks and make this list public so that everyone on the team knows exactly what they are responsible for and no one will feel left out or like they were given too much work to handle.

4. Use visual aids to denote progress

Having visual representations with appropriate tools can make seeing the progress fun and also keep track of how things are moving forward. You can list down the stages on a whiteboard or poster board and gamify the process by having rewards like office parties, pizza dinners, and so on, to encourage meeting daily goals and moving closer to the end result.

5. Be willing to help out when necessary

There may be times when your teammate may fall sick or when a complex issue pops up. Encourage your team to help their teammates during such problems and lead the way as the project manager so as to imbibe this spirit with everyone on the team. This can build team morale, employee trust, and investment.

Last but not the least, always have a visual feedback tool in place for your design projects. Keep all your feedback in one place and push your projects to launch faster

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