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Introducing The Video Commenting Feature In Ruttl

Written by Harsh Vijay
Published on June 16th, 2021

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You have a meeting in 10 minutes but you need to provide feedback to your website designer or developer before that. Or maybe you feel that speech is the best way to portray your message for your developer/designer.

For that very reason, we are bringing to you the video commenting feature in Ruttl. To give one more additional feature that can help you review your websites better. You now have an option to work with text comments as well as video comments.

Let’s go on to understand all that you can do with this feature.

1. Record entire webpage in video comment

You can open up your website that is undergoing the review process. Then switch to the comment mode instead of the preview mode. Click anywhere on the site and you’ll get an option to add a comment. Just below that you’ll see a video icon that will start your video comment. You can choose to share your entire screen, window or chrome tab.

The video recording will start and you can record your entire webpage. You can either leave general feedback on the video or point out the specific areas that require some editing or changes. You can even mention your coworkers to assign them their specific tasks. After you are done, you can click on the stop button. You can then either preview the video, save it or discard it.

How does this help your designer/developer?

  • They have to refer to only one video for making the changes.
  • The details that you speak while making the video can make sure no misunderstanding takes place.
  • The review time can be curtailed down to quite some extent.

2. Add text comments while recording video

But what if you want to add text comments as well? For example, you find out that the font size is not appropriate. So, instead of speaking that out, you can add a text comment - “increase the font size to 14” while recording the video and assign it to your designer.

You can add multiple text comments like this in the duration of your video so that it serves as a multiple check and removes all scope for confusion and errors at the later stage. This was done keeping in mind that you can use both the text comment and video comment feature to enhance your review process.

3. Add text to video comments

Your designer has added an illustration on the homepage of the website. You feel that there are some things that can be improved upon. What you can do is click on the illustration, add a text comment mentioning all the reference illustration articles and sites and then click on the video option underneath and choose the option of the entire screen.

You can then take him to a reference illustration maybe on some other website. You can guide him as to the differences between both the illustrations and why the latter one makes more impact. It could be the colors used or the simplicity of the illustration or the emotions behind the illustration.

Explaining this with the help of both video and text comments adds more clarity and also helps the designer understand things in much more detail if they would like by going through both the links you provided and the video you recorded stating all the relevant differences.

4. Resolve or delete video comments

Once you are done putting in your text comments and video comments, you can go on to first preview the video and check if all the points are being covered properly or not. Once you are sure, you can go on to save that video comment. Otherwise, you can easily delete that video comment.

When the reviewing process shifts to the final stage where the designers and developers work on the final edits, they can resolve all the video comments they have worked upon. This gives you an estimate of how much work is still left and in how much time you can come up with your final website design.

That’s all there is to this new video commenting feature. We’ve tried and tested this feature ourselves on our client projects and it works great. Not only does it make the website design review process more efficient but convenient as well. Paired up with text commenting, you are all set to rock your new website design, whether you’re creating it for a client as a website design agency or for your brand.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out this new feature for yourself at

Other than that, you can also make edits and comments on live websites, invite clients to share feedback and tag team members.

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