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3 Tips to Improve Your UX Using Storytelling

Written by Harsh Vijay
Published on February 17th, 2021

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A good UX strategy helps apps to narrate their story while ensuring the user has an overall positive experience.

What is Storytelling? 🤔

Visual Storytelling is a way of making user journey smoother and effective using visual elements such as images, graphics, and much more. Storytelling methods can lead to two way interactions and thus develop a good relationship.


Why use this method? 💭

Humans are wired with emotions, which plays a crucial role in user satisfaction. A company may have the best product on the market but it's the brand story that truly defines their success. In order to tap into a user's mind, you need to be able to capture their attention with creative methods.

What makes a good Storytelling UX Strategy? 💡

Although there are several factors that can influence UX, here are some of the things you need to consider to make storytelling method work for you -

  1. The narrative needs to be relatable and should invoke emotional responses from the user.

    E.g -> Have you tried using Uber's application? The animations and colors are weaved well together which makes the app a delight to use every single time!

  2. It should clearly communicate the story behind your brand. This should include all the colors schemes and illustrations styles that might relate to your brand.

    E.g -> Check out ruttl's website and Instagram page. You might be able to recognize the theme that has been established on both the mediums.

  3. Always consider the end user. A fancy UI that looks out of the world is of no use if the user is unable to navigate and forget the steps of using your application. Make the interface simple yet thought invoking.

    E.g -> The interface of Indiehacker is a good example for this point! It's simple, smooth and highly effective.


In the end, design is a human-centered process. While making your UX strategy, think from the angle of the user and try to understand how a user thinks. Once you have the research in hand, integrate the 3 ideas explained above and your website/app should be able to deliver a positive experience.

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