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User-Centric Design Basics for Flawless Web Design

Written by Harsh Vijay
Published on November 3rd, 2021

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Web designing and business goals go hand in hand. Fancy features, dozens of software upgrades cannot live up to the users if the system designs are not user-centric. Because the end users are the most crucial part of the entire designing process.

What is User Centric Design?

UCD involves the process of creating designs by keeping the perspective of end users in mind - how they will understanad and use the applications or systems.

You can make your designs user-centric by following these easy to grasp and implement principles:

Do Comprehensive Research

As UI/UX designers, you need to understand your users through and through. Visualize your designs as a user and see if you are able to smoothly navigate it.

Be Consistent

Create web designs that are simple to comprehend and minimal to use. Your interface elements must remain consistent. During the design phase, you can explore consistency by integrating components and also try out new designs to see how users are adapting to it instead of shelving it all to the testing phase.

Give Charge to the Users

The good news is that your users are always aware of their needs. Your design simply needs to provide solutions to them. Allow them to do what is really needed, keep system related constraints to a bare minimum.

Reduce the Effort

Complicated interactions with your designs can frustrate your users. Give them single and simple tasks to focus upon - make them worry less. Make sure to share adequate instructions with your users early on so that they get familiar with your designs.

Share Feedback

Do give enough assurance to your users when they have finished a task. Indicators or visual changes help in maintaining the confidence of your users. Ensure that all the varied levels of interaction with your design gives feedback to users to fall back on.

UI/UX designing is a long journey and users are your milestones. Keep them in mind with the help of these user-centric design basics and you will never let them down!

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