5 User Acquisition Methods That Work For Us

Written by Siddhita Upare
Published on May 12th, 2021

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User acquisition is no joke and you might get tired with all the promotion work in front of the internet. 😩

We know it's becoming harder and harder to get your product out in front of other people. So we wanted to share with you guys some methods that have been working successfully for ruttl.

1. Listing Platforms

We have seen good success by doing this. After researching dozens of websites and listing platforms, we found this cool cheatsheet filled with places to list your product. This process brings in some traffic regularly.

2. Email Marketing To Waitlisted Users

Earlier this year, we had opened up ruttl for beta testing and get over 1500 people to sign up. Slowly, we started handing out access to them. These users are now converting into active users for us. One of them in fact became our first paying customer too!

3. Social Media Posts

Regular value driven posts on LinkedIn are generating good results as well. We are trying to completely utilize the LinkedIn network to get people to sign up.

4. PR and Press Coverage

Although this was a paid initiative, we tried experimenting with it. It surely did generate traffic to ruttl and drove some conversions, thanks to the influencers who promoted ruttl.

5. Landing Page Feature

Probably one of the best working methods for us till now, landing page featuring platforms that featured us and got us to the front page of their website. This resulted in a spike and we got couple of users from that too.

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