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Upload Multiple PDFs & Images At Once

Efficiently collect visual feedback with ruttl! Now, upload multiple PDFs and images at once for seamless reviewing with your dev and design teams.

Published on December 30th, 2021

Harsh Vijay
Co-founder, ruttl

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Ruttl is all about efficiency while collecting visual feedback. When we pushed out our feature to review PDF's and images, almost every user was quite happy! After all, who doesn't work on these types of files, right?

Well, until now, you were only able to add one PDF or image at a time. This was causing a lot of friction, because users reported of wasting time while adding them one by one. We were already aware of this issue, but were fixing few things in the backend.

Today, we're pushing out the ability to upload multiple PDF's and Images to review at the same time! While uploading PDFs 📁 or static images 🖼️, choose multiple files and upload them at once inside your ruttl folder. These files will quickly get added to your project one after the other, & you can then review them with your team.

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