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Know Your Users With These 3 Types Of Website Feedback Tools

Written by Siddhita Upare
Published on February 2nd, 2022

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User experience plays a great role in retaining your customers on your website. That's why in 2022, you cannot afford to have a website that is confusing for your users. While Google Analytics and other tools can give you insight on users, they cannot help you understand the issues related to functionality, design, usability, ease of use, readability which impact the user experience. Website feedback tools can help you in streamlining all of them.

What is a website feedback tool?

Website feedback gives you an enhanced understanding about users' journey. Website feedback tools also give you an insight about user behaviour on your website. Whether you are a product or a service company, these insights can prove to be incredibly helpful to grow revenue, increase conversion and retain users.

3 Major Types of Website Feedback Tools

There are many website feedback tools out there but depending upon the problem you are trying to solve, you can choose from these three broader categories.

1. Website annotation tools

Be it from your clients or users, collating all the feedback that you receive on your website is not easy. Tools like Ruttl come in handy then. Such tools are used mostly to identify UX issues, made live edits on website, give specific visual feedback to designers, developers.

2. Voice of customer tools

Mainly used to collect feedback from users, these tools help you in collecting detailed insights from your consumers. You can create a series of questions using these tools and make them live on your website to collect targeted feedback from users.

3. Website survey tools

Wish to know what brought users to your website? Well, run a survey on your website by using these tools. You can gauge customer satisfaction, intent and get specific feedback on pages through such tools.

In a nutshell, website feedback tools are necessary to give best user experience to your customers and grow conversions. Start strategically using them for your web business now that you know all about them!

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