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Introducing The Support For Inline Text Editing!

Yes, we've heard your requests! So, Ruttl now has added the support for an Inline Text Editing feature!

Published on April 9th, 2021

Siddhita Upare
Co-founder, ruttl

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The ability to do content editing on live websites is a big part of Ruttl's core features. To make this feature better, we were trying to come up with better ways to help text formatting function to the users.

But simplicity brings more to the table. Following this rule, our developers came up with idea of inline text editing and shipped the update live today! ✨

Users can now access their web page inside ruttl, edit any text and select the text that they wish to highlight. They will be able to use the inline editing toolbar right on top of the text box to performs functions such as bold, italics, or underline. 👨‍💻

To learn more about this feature update, make sure to check out our tutorial video on youtube down below!To get more insights into the world of web design, check out our blog section.

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