How To Use Footer Design For Better SEO

Written by Siddhita Upare
Published on March 3rd, 2021

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While designing a website, most people tend to undervalue the importance of footer design.

The reality, however, is that your footer is viewed and used by more people than you actually think. As a result, your footer design is very important, so don't ignore it!

That's why we decided to share how we're planning to use our latest designed footer for ruttl to improve our SEO!

Since there is no way to upload image into this post, you can visit the below link to analyze my footer design. 👇

footer design

Here are some of the biggest benefits that I plan to utilize for increasing the overall SEO -

SEO Benefit 1 - Long Tail Keywords

Surely you must have heard that optimizing website for long tail keywords can do wonders to the SEO. Inside our footer, we've included several of the long tail keywords that were relevant to ruttl.

Furthermore, if you look at the 3 dots that expand another sub-menu when clicked, is also filled with long tail keywords. That's another great way to utilize space efficiently.

SEO Benefit 2 - Bonus CTA

Footer is like another CTA that a lot of people miss out on. Personally we think that it's one more chance for our visitors to click something and take an action. Eg. They might choose something like requesting a demo or signing up for the product newsletter. This directly can impact the SEO through higher visitor engagement time.

Also, it's a great way to link important sections of your website for easier access. After all, if you expect someone to scroll up all the way to look for another section, well, the person is simply going to -


Benefit 3 - Space for important info

Yes, the privacy policy, GDPR, legal documents are extremely important. But why waste your website header with these links when you have extra space at the bottom.

We plan to maximize the digital space by linking all these extra yet important documents into our footer design directly. In this way, we can share all the nessccessary documents without our overall digital real estate.


Don't overdo anything in life.

There is one thing like utilizing and maximizing. However, footer can quickly turn ugly. So, don't over crowd your footer with hundreds of links. It will simply confuse the user and in fact reduce your SEO!

Hope you find this useful for your product!

Have a great day!

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