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How ruttl Went From 500 To 1000 Users In 1 Month!

Written by Harsh Vijay
Published on April 6th, 2021

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When we began building ruttl, we knew first hand the importance of having a better website reviewing method for our team. Although the market is filled with some great tools, we noticed several pain points that were still not addressed. Fed up with no perfect solution, we decided to build ruttl into the most intuitive and powerful visual feedback tool that ever existed!

Well, today marks a big day in the journey of ruttl. Within the past one month, ruttl user base has scaled from 500 to now over 1000 users! Even though user acquisition is a tough process, people have started appreciating ruttl's fast operation speed coupled with the unique power of editing live websites directly inside ruttl.

If you are curious to know how we managed to touch the mighty "1000 user" number, here are some of the things that we did in the last month:

1. Google Ads Campaign

One of the most powerful channels that helped us achieved this goal was running google ads directly to targetted users. From web design to development, we identified several interests group that might fit the target user's persona of ruttl. Based on the interests, we ran multiple ads across the world and saw a huge influx of website traffic that was soon was converted into active users!

2. SEO Optimization

Probably one of the toughest things to do on a website is Search Engine Optimization. However, since this usually brings in the best quality traffic, we invested time and effort into ensuring that our website provided a blazing fast, smooth and beautiful user experience to the visitors. Alongside, we also created a list of keywords that we felt would be most relevant to our audience. Through publishing value-driven content on our blog page and on-page+off-page optimization techniques, we are now ranking on the first page for several keywords that our future users might be searching for on google search.

3. Community Outreach

Community support has always helped ruttl since its initial days. We have always striven to thank for this support by consistently giving out useful tips and tricks to the indie hackers community. This has helped us create a tribe of supporters who regularly refer to our content and stay updated with the latest developments for ruttl. It has also helped us in learning several growth tactics from experienced SaaS professionals who are active on this amazing community platform.

4. Retargeting Waitlisted Users

Our waitlisted user list was filled with enthusiastic beta testers who wanted to try out ruttl as soon as possible. It took us time to send ruttl's access to the entire list but it started getting tougher to convert people, thanks to the lengthy waiting period. Hence, we decided to take another approach. We revamped our approach and started to remarket the audience through follow-up emails and sending them useful content published on our blog page. This slowly but steadily started to improve our conversion numbers and helped us in gaining new users. 

Shoutout to the entire ruttl team who has made this achievement possible by constantly putting in dedicated efforts and work relentlessly to make ruttl into the best visual feedback tool!

Working at a design agency yourself? Fed up with the old, laborious process of reviewing websites? Check out ruttl, the most intuitive website feedback tool and join the 1000+ users who have switched to this future of design review!

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