Should SaaS Founders Use Social Media Marketing

Written by Harsh Vijay
Published on June 30th, 2021

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Let me ask you one question. Have you ever got these responses when you ask people for tips to better market your product -

"You should do social media marketing!" "If you aren't posting on Instagram, you are missing out on customers!" "Instead of blogging, try writing on LinkedIn"

Yep. It's pretty common and I know it's tiring to hear this again and again. But I'm here to give you a rather different advice today. So here it goes.

Not every product needs social media marketing!

I'm not saying that it's useless. It's actually very powerful but you need to know whether it will benefit you. The same thing happened with me in the early days of ruttl. I got this advice a lot and tried experimenting with it. I tried giving it a proper dedicated try but the results weren't out of the world.

In fact, I got much better results from pushing out SEO content, doing community discussions and couple of other acquisition methods. Now, I simply maintain an active profile on these social platforms to share valuable posts with people and to build a community.

If your target audience spends most of their time reading text posts on LinkedIn, there's no point putting in too much effort into designing stunning creatives for Instagram. If your target audience is the younger generation, try using Snapchat, with 82% of its user base being under 35.

So, just think about whether your end customer is active on the platform of your choice. That's the most important question that can answer on whether social media marketing is useful for you or not.

Pro tip - You can always get growth by even sticking to one single platform (which usually gives great results!)

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