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Ruttl's Slack Integration Is Now Live!

Working with your team mates on Slack? Ruttl is introducing the all new slack integration to make communication on design projects much easier!

Published on June 4th, 2021

Harsh Vijay
Co-founder, ruttl

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Using Slack for all your project communication? We love it too and that's why we have brought Slack integration right inside your Ruttl account This way, you will get notified about all activities on your project, like:

  • When a comment is added to your project, or to a project you're a part of
  • When someone mentions you in a comment
  • When someone adds a webpage in the project
  • When someone adds a version to any of the webpages & a few more to keep you 'in-the-loop' of things

To learn more about this feature update, make sure to check out our tutorial video on youtube down below!

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