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Things Team ruttl Learnt From The Recent AppSumo Launch Event!

Written by Harsh Vijay
Published on September 14th, 2021

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Our recent Appsumo launch brought in great numbers for us, be it in the terms of reviews generated, users acquired, or revenue gained. But more importantly, our team got to experience a lot of new things and how to deal with them all.

From handling multiple calls to listing down tons of feature requests, we did everything. It was a first for many in our team when it came to managing an event on such a large scale. Here’s what our team learnt from the same.

Being open to new perspectives

Before starting with this campaign, we had certain beliefs in mind when it came to Ruttl. We had a set of features that we thought would be loved best by the new users. We tried to portray them as our main features. Surprisingly, we found out that many users didn’t like those features but loved the ones we didn’t talk out much. It made us realize the importance of thinking from different angles and being open to new ideas.

As a team, we ensured that henceforth we would first try out best to learn about the client, their requirements and then suggest features that would help solve their problems, and not the general industry’s problems. It has come out to be a breakthrough when it comes to our sales and support strategies.

Handling negative reviews as well as positive reviews

The world isn’t full of roses. And so wasn’t our Appsumo launch for Ruttl as wwii. We sure did recieve a great number of positive reviews but so came the negative reviews as well. Instead of dismissing them and fighting against those reviews, our team respected differing opinions and started working on that feedback.

In the process, we also discovered a lot of dealbreaker points for clients when it came to our app and started working on those right away. The result? At the end of the launch, not only did we have a team that was stronger than earlier but Ruttl had changed too, for the better.

We realized that if it weren’t for the negative reviews, we would never have discovered those issues and thus wouldn’t have had a chance to work on them and make our application better.

Need for dedicated sales support

Before the launch, we knew we would have to answer a lot of questions and doubts. We had 4 personnel totally prepared for that. Even then, things became chaotic. This resulted in a lot of waiting time for some prospects which shouldn’t have been the case. We grasped the importance of a strong plan of action and having a dedicated sales support team henceforth.

Because when you think about it, the most a customer needs you is before the sales and when an issue pops up. If you haven’t got a team who is ready and available during that stage, you’re losing out on a chance to acquire and retain a customer, both of which are equally important.

Need for proper testing

When over a thousand users were trying our application, we anticipated a few errors or bugs. But as it turned out, many users started complaining about product errors, issues, and the platform not working properly.

While we ended up resolving all of them quickly, we recognized the significance for needing a proper system and process for testing Ruttl in the future. We are currently working on that and ensuring that we adopt this stringent process for each of our projects in Brucira as well.

Implementation of new copywriting strategies

We were already making use of several strategies for content and visuals but for Appsumo, our entire team went through various copywriting strategies and pitched in their ideas to create content that garners enthusiasm in the audience for the campaign.

From coming up with engaging visuals to writing copies that evokes urgency in the audience and compels them to take action, we did it all. As a result, our team realized the importance of copywriting and how we can use it for our day-to-day content that we post across social media as well.

The ability to handle multiple responsibilities

For bootstrapped companies, it’s essential for everyone on the team to pitch in for campaigns like these and handle multiple responsibilities. For example, our graphic designers pitched in for creating the required content, developers helped answer support questions, and so on.

This not only helped the team learn about different roles and departments but it ensured that whenever it is required, a person on our team can easily handle a different department’s tasks.

Importance of user suggestions

We got a lot of feature requests and suggestions that we ourselves had not envisioned for Ruttl. This helped us know how important it is to get continuous feedback and suggestions from clients and people outside of the team.

Because we are used to looking at things in a certain way, we might miss out on things that are important for the client. We are also trying to implement this continuous feedback system for our clients that can help us improve Ruttl and solve various problems for design agencies.

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