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How Multiple Versions Can Improve Your Design Review Process

Written by Siddhita Upare
Published on May 11th, 2021

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Have you ever had a client who kept going back and forth between the design options you shared? No matter how many versions you offered them, they were still confused because they couldn’t really “see it”?

We’ve all had such clients. As designers and developers, we can envision how the final website design will look for the end-user. Sometimes, clients cannot. So, how can you show clients different options for website designs without spending extra time, money, and effort asking the developer to code dozens of versions?

ruttl’s updated Version feature

As a product design agency, we’ve built several websites for clients in a variety of industries. Across all those projects, one thing has remained constant: the importance of version control.

When we first launched our design review product, ruttl, we didn’t include a feature that allowed users to create different versions of a website. But soon, we realized how critical it was to enable users to create multiple versions of a single web page to reduce the amount of coding and number of revisions from client feedback.

So, here’s everything ruttl’s Version feature offers to improve your web design projects:

1. Comparison

Has your copywriter given you three different headline and copy options to be added to the web page? Do you want to mix and match the copy options with other coloured headers? Or do you want to try out different fonts and alignments?

When you click “Add a version”, you can explore all these combinations and more from the same web page on your ruttl project. Try out different versions of your website until you’re satisfied that you have the best one. Designers don’t need any coding knowledge to create these unlimited versions, so there’s no need to involve the developer until your design is final.

2. Improve UI UX

Designers need to keep in mind the UI UX of their website designs, and using different versions to compare can have incredible results. For instance, if one version directs users to the CTA above the fold, another version can experiment by placing the CTA in a different spot. Clients can share their insight about increasing conversions, and designers can use them as guidelines to improve the website’s overall UI UX.

3. No need to switch projects

With ruttl’s Version feature, you don’t need to create a new project every time. Instead, you can just click on the “Add a Version'' and start work by tagging your team members to collaborate on the latest version.

Protip: Keep track of the different versions by adding them to your team’s project management tool. Adding the name of the designers working on each version will also help you ask them about the project.

4. Version history

You can add unlimited versions of your web page and access them any time because ruttl records every change and every version. That way, you don’t have to rack your brains to confirm which font and which colours were approved by the client that one time. You can bring them back whenever you want.

5. Precise client feedback

This is the best bit about having different versions for your web pages — you can invite clients to review these pages and provide clear feedback about what they want. No more requests like “Can we see this in red and blue, but with this font and with this alignment?”. ruttl’s version feature allows you to quickly and easily share different versions of your web pages, reduce revisions, and improve your final design.

6. Share approvals

Designers don’t need to sit with developers and take them through every web page version changes anymore. Just share the approved versions with the developer — they can directly pick up the codes and values from ruttl and make pixel-perfect websites.

A good SaaS product aims to solve user problems, and we’re constantly trying to improve ruttl by adding new features and updates. Our best work comes from your feedback — as a visual feedback and collaboration tool, we take all your suggestions seriously.

We’ve tried and tested ruttl’s Version feature ourselves on our client projects, and we’re excited to say that it works! It shortens the time spent on revisions, allows designers to experiment easily, and appeases clients with a multitude of options for their website design.

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