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Introducing Activity Panel In ruttl!

Enhanced ruttl with new 'Activity panel' merging Comment and Inspect mode. Simplify website review and tracking. Watch our tutorial video for details!

Published on January 25th, 2021

Harsh Vijay
Co-founder, ruttl

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The user experience had been broken on ruttl when it came to switching between Comment and Inspect mode. In fact, not everyone figured out that we have an inspect mode. 👀

With this update, we went ahead and merged the comment and inspect mode into an all new 'Activity panel' showing both comments and edits in the same place.

From the Activities panel, users can check all the website edits, content changes and comments on web pages. This way, the team never loses track of ongoing activities. Anyone from the team can check all the latest activities done on a website project. The development team can easily navigate those suggestions and use them for the final codes to create pixel perfect designs.

We are hoping that this update will make the review process much easier and faster for you! ⚡

To learn more about this feature update, make sure to check out our tutorial video on youtube down below! Also, check out our blog section for daily updates.

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