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How To Retain Website Visitors From Dropping Off

Written by Harsh Vijay
Published on August 25th, 2021

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Ever visited a website that just takes forever to keep loading? Stats have proved it and even Google recommends that your website should ideally load up in two seconds. But what if you've exhausted your current resources and just can't seem to make your website any more faster? That's why we have bought a neat little design trick for you that we use to retain the dropping off customers.

It's the idea of splash screen illustrations.

When Ruttl wasn't super optimized as it is now, it would easily take anywhere between 5-8 seconds to load up any website inside a new Ruttl project. So, in order to keep our users engaged, we created few custom illustrations explaining Ruttl features through it.

This way, while the user is busy understanding those features, the pages are loading in the background. This keeps the users engaged and reduces drop-offs. Plus, it has another added benefit! It also complements the entire user experience and new user onboarding steps!

If you wish to check it out in action, visit this link to look at one of the illustrations that we are currently using.

If you want to get more references, feel free to sign up on ruttl, create a new project and take a look at the various illustrations that show up.

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