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5 Best Must-Listen Podcasts for Every UX Designer

Written by Harsh Vijay
Published on December 29th, 2021

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Podcasts have become one of the most popular ways for professionals to upskill themselves and learn about the industry. Designers are no exception. With jobs, businesses, side hustles, finding time to read is getting increasingly difficult for designers like other professionals. If you are facing the same challenge then here's presenting some of the best podcasts hosted by design connoisseurs and leaders just for you:

Hacking UI Podcast

Hosted by David Tintner & Sagi Shrieber, this one is an incredibly enlightening podcast. Through this podcast, you would get to learn about user experience design, usability, user research, development and more from thought leaders, designers at Facebook, Intercom, Google, Airbnb, Invision and more.

UI Breakfast Podcast

Learn everything actionable on UI/UX design, product, marketing and more from this insightful podcast hosted by a seasoned UI/UX consultant from Russia, Jane Portman. They bring guests from various backgrounds and make sure your listening is worth it!

UX Podcast

Wish to learn more about users, business management, technology, digital media and more? Well, UX Podcast is a perfect match for you then! Streaming every Friday, UX Podcast is hosted by two curious designers James and Per, make sure to hear it out.

Google Design Podcast

Coming from the best folks in the industry, this podcast gives you a sneak peek into the minds of designers working at Google. Learn all about design processes, technology, systems and never run out of inspiration.

99% Invisible

Although not directly connected with UI/UX, this podcasts broadens your horizons for design thinking by discussing architecture, technology, object, sounds and more. Hosted by Roman Mars, you would love this podcast for this observations and wit on designs as well.

We are sure that one or the other podcast from this list will boost your career and growth, start listening to them then?

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