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Design Picks: 10 Pastel Icon Sets To Create Iconic Projects

Written by Harsh Vijay
Published on February 17th, 2022

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Unlike the popular conception, icon designing is not easy. It is hard to crack it. Imagine creating a whole set of icons that must complement each other - there are so many things that you need to get right for it. Many professional designers also go to the extent of adding their personal touch to them.

To ease the process of icon designing for you, we have compiled some of the best icon design sets that are created by amazing designers across the globe. Take a look at these brilliant pastel icon sets and win accolades for your upcoming design projects by using them:

Ego Icons

Incredibly unique and minimal, Ego Icons have a stunning visual style. You can download the first 100 icons for free from their website. Trust us, they will enhance your UI design, App or even web projects with ease.


Ikonate Landing Page

Looking for that perfect set of icons but just not finding the right ones? Go ahead and try Ikonate. You can easily edit the icon sets available at Ikonate. They give you a lot of freedom for customization. You can edit them as per the brand, colour palette that you wish to have - they are optimized to suit all your design requirements.

70 Basic Icons

70 Basics Icons Landing Page

Impeccably designed by Carlotta Govi, 70 Basic Icons provide you with 70 icon sets that you can use during design and development. They are available in AVI, SVG and Sketch formats - go ahead and use them as you like!

Gradient Freebie Icons

Gradient Freebie Icons Landing Page

Perfect for creating modern and feel good designs, Gradient Freebie Icons offers you a range of beautiful icons. You can use them to modernize your design projects and give them an iconic look and feel.

Ion Icons

Ion Icons Landing Page

Open source and licensed by MIT, these icons are created by the Ionic Framework Team. You can get these premium icons in a variety of formats like SVG and web font. Feel free to use them for your web, app or desktop design projects.

Medical Icons

Medical Icons Landing Page

Pastel based and minimal, medical icons offer you a set of 12 free but incredibly detailed icons. Created by Justas Galaburda, these icons will enhance all your med-tech related design projects with relative ease.

Vivid Icons

Vivid Icons Landing Page

Handcrafted and ready to use, you would get 90+ icons to use on Vivid Icons. They are lightweight and minified. Using them you can even select the colour scheme that you wish to use. They are half the size of SVG icons, so they will not take up much space.

Gesture Icons

Need pastel based hand icons for your design project but cannot seem to find anything great? Look further than Gesture Icons. These icons are great for onboarding for modern user experiences, definitely check them for your next design project.

Essential UI Icons

True to their name, Essential UI Icons offer you all the much-needed UI icons. They have a range of simple and bold icons which enhance your design projects. Make use of them for your mobile design.

These icon sets will surely make your design projects more appealing and iconic. Do use them whenever you are facing challenges to pick the right icons!

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