On-Boarding Things That We Do For New Users

Written by Harsh Vijay
Published on May 19th, 2021

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Whether your product is easy to understand or with steep learning curve, it is necessary to have a good on-boarding plan for new users. Without this set of defined actions, users might quickly lose interest and eventually drop out of using your product.

For today, we have decided to share our experience with creating on-boarding plan of ruttl. In the early days, when we didn't have any idea about these steps, we would simply sign up for different apps to study how they handled new users. This taught us new ways in which we can do the same.

Note - On-boarding is a long process and there are many layers to this. For this post particularly, I have included only the first few things that are done for new users within the first 2-4 hours of their sign up.

Here are few things that we have done( or are in the process of doing) for ruttl's initial customer onboarding -

1. Welcome Mailer 📧

Packed with welcome text along with ruttl's "How-To" YouTube playlist that explains different features and how to use them

2. Email from the co-founder 👨‍💻

A direct email from the co-founder to make the user feel warm, valued, to share the vision of the product and to once again offer support or assistance if needed.

3. One-Time Product Walkthrough Guide 👋

Comes in handy for news users to get accustomed to your interface and to understand which button does what.

4. Demo Video 📹

Inside account settings, users can view a recorded demo video that explains ruttl in depth as well.

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