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How To Create A User-friendly Landing Page UI?

Written by Siddhita Upare
Published on April 22nd, 2022

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Landing pages are an integral part of your web designs. It strikes the first point of connection between your business and your customer. Hence, it needs to be user-friendly and have an appealing feel. To do so, we must first understand what the term user-friendly exactly means.

Decoding User-Friendly Design

Simply put, user-friendly means any interface design which is easy to use. User-friendly design makes it simple for users to experience your design. Furthermore, it eases the way users navigate through your website, app or any other digital product without feeling overwhelmed.

Broadly speaking, a user-friendly design appears fluid, clutter-free and quick to navigate.

So, that brings us to the question: how to design a user-friendly landing page? We got your back!

Designing a User-Friendly Landing Page

There are two major phases for making your landing page more user-friendly namely - UI design and testing of landing page. Follow these tips to ensure both of them are up to the minute:

Use the right colour, typography and visuals

Visuals, colours and typography make your landing page more attention worthy. So, carefully choose them for your landing page. They must instantly appeal to your users and intrigue them to check the information placed across the website.

Use simple UI elements

When it comes to UI elements, keep them as familiar as possible. Work on creating a consistent design language so that it becomes easy for users to navigate your website.

Select the right interfaces

Think as a user, you would end up seeing a search bar or a hamburger almost every day on any website. There are many options which you can use for them. However, as a designer, you must carefully consider which elements are user-friendly and then use them.

Make it desktop and mobile friendly

Users across the globe are going mobile-first. Keep that in mind and ensure to make your landing page mobile-friendly so that they can easily go through your landing page. This effort on your side will surely create a positive user experience.

Conduct A/B Tests and Use Heatmaps

Last but not the least, create two versions of your landing page and get them tested. See which one garners better response, conversions and then take a call.

You may also use heatmaps to gauge user trends and patterns and score its user-friendliness before your landing page goes live.

Customers' expectations are soaring day by day. Create a user-friendly landing page for your business so that it soon transforms into a bankable brand.

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