5 Quick Fixes To Speed Up Your Website

Written by Siddhita Upare
Published on September 15th, 2021

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Website is the most crucial touchpoint of your business and these days, even of your personal brand. You cannot afford to have a badly performing website that takes ages to load - it can hit your revenue!

The irony is that you cannot fix your website's performance unless you understand what's impeding it. Page speed is one of the most crucial factors that impact your website. Any website with a great page speed converts into a seamless user experience. This results in a reduced bounce rate. Unsurprisingly, this also improves your rankings on search engines.

Now that you know how crucial your website's speed can be, here are all the hacks to fix your website speed:

Find a Good Hosting Provider

Choosing a mediocre hosting provider will cost you more than you could imagine. Poor hosting strains your website and it converts into poor performance. Select a performance-based dedicated hosting provider that optimizes speed and would not have to stress so much.

Optimize and Structure Images

Images are important to visually represent your website and also for leveraging search engines. Compress large images and optimize them to reduce loading times. If needed then you must also change file formats. There are various plugins that you could use to ensure a lossless compression of images.

Ensure Web Pages are Cached

Caching helps you a lot in reducing website speed. It stores all the necessary files of your website, thus, it brings down the loading time. By enabling it, your server would take less time to load any pages.

Minimize the Number of Redirects

The more the redirects the more time is lost between HTTP requests and responses. Try to eliminate as many unwanted redirects as you can. Redirects can reduce the website speed. Keep an eye on your internal links, sub-menus to further cut them down.

Remove Useless Plugins

Plugins can bloat your website more than anything else. Outdated plugins are also not secure. Deactivate plugins that you are not using frequently because they can slow down your website.

While there are many other quick fixes to increase your website, these hacks will get you started and make you notice their effectiveness. Try them out yourselves and do share your experience with us!

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