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Effective Rules for Designing a Good FAQ Page

Written by Harsh Vijay
Published on December 15th, 2021

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Many businesses do not invest much time or energy in designing their customer support journeys. Either they overwhelm users by giving too much information or just give a generic set of steps.

As a design agency founder or a designer yourself, you can find a better way around this by designing an informative and actionable FAQ page for your clients.

Here's sharing some of the simplest rules for designing with you so that you can create that perfect FAQ page without any hassles:

Keep it Short and Simple

Never overwhelm your users by writing 15 lines of answers. Instead, let your FAQs be actionable. Place their quick links right below the search box and let your users click on relevant questions themselves to get quick answers instead of searching for them.

Update Your FAQs

Stay relevant with the searches your users are making and update your FAQs regularly. Allot one day every week to get your FAQ page updated with new content and relevant links.

Focus on Your Users

Do not use FAQs to create internal links for your blog. Cultivate some empathy for your users and make it easy for them to look for solutions to their problems through FAQs.

Categorize Questions

Users find it super frustrating to go through a series of questions to find their solutions. Spare them that pain. Make it simpler for them by arranging questions as per their befitting categories.

Create a Search Box

Listing all the FAQs can make your page look denser. Give your users an access to search bar to type out keywords that match with their questions.

A few of the leading global companies like Zappos, Dropbox, Etsy, WhatsApp are already following these FAQ page design principles.

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