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Guest Share Link Modifications

Enhanced guest share links in ruttl: No default edit mode, 'Activity Panel' renamed to 'Comments', added show/hide options for web page versions.

Published on February 4th, 2022

Siddhita Upare
Co-founder, ruttl

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We've successfully made the following changes in our guest share link:

  • Earlier, when guest sharing link was used, the edit mode would be turned by default. Now, we've removed edit mode by default from guest sharing links.
  • Lot of users reported of confusion over edits in activity panel. So, now we have removed edits from Activity panel, and renamed the 'Activity Panel' to 'Comments'.
  • We've added new options to show or hide different versions of web page you create inside any ruttl project.
  • We've removed the login button from all guest share links.
  • Since guests often stick primarily to commenting activities, we've removed the option to toggle between comment & edit pins
  • Lastly, we have also removed the support icon to make thing cleaner!
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