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Valuable Tips To Help You Win More Freelance Design Projects

Written by Siddhita Upare
Published on September 29th, 2021

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Being a freelancer has its perks - you get to choose your niche, get flexibility, grow your career at your own pace. At the same time, freelancers also feel this subtle pressure for converting clients month on month. Pitching to clients is a daily task that you need to constantly work on and improve. This begs the question - how to successfully pitch and win more freelance projects?

Unlike the popular misconception, pitching is not rocket science. You do not need to feel scared about it. Follow these easy tips to land just the right freelance projects and see them work well for you:

Understand their Needs

Before you approach any client, make sure you research about them. Try to figure out what they really need for their business. Create a pitch that offers solutions to their present problems.

Dive deeper to find the purpose of that project. Know the - what, why, how! While pitching, also try to evaluate how will you achieve the outcomes that need to be met. This will keep you on the same page with the clients and also give them clarity about your approach.

Walk Extra Miles

Avoid sending a run of the mill cold email for pitching. Think outside the box and share your work through a beautiful presentation or even a video - this extra effort will separate you from the crowd.

Do not go all gaga about yourself, know where to mark that fine line. Keep your introduction brief, crisp and share a detailed proposal that showcases your strengths, past experience in a comprehensive manner.

Strike a Rapport

Be polite and approachable while dealing with your first point of contact. They can pave your way forward for closing the deal. You do not need to be a bootlicker for it, just communicate well with them.

By creating a healthy professional relationship with them, you would start the project with the right footing.

Be Confident

Instead of spending hours and hours on research, smartly try to figure out what your potential clients need from a project. Line up your strengths, relevant previous work and share it with them. Prepare well to answer their questions and stay away from jargons.

Aim to simplify as much as you can during this stage and present your best selves when they reach out for any questions.

Final Word?

Research well, stay confident, work on building a good rapport with your point of contacts, present your strengths and past work well and there you go! You are all set to win freelance design projects, start pitching then?

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