6 Most Effective Email Marketing Tips That You Need To Know!

Written by Siddhita Upare
Published on August 4th, 2021

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I know most guides on the internet give tips like have catchy subject line, use CTA, etc. If you've been bored with those tips, don't worry. I'm sharing these tips straight from my experience while building email marketing systems for ruttl.

Take this as a reference but also keep testing new hypothesis while sending emails to your users. Now, let's dig into the tips -

1. Don't bug inactive users beyond 3 follow ups.

If they haven't signed up by 3rd follow up, you are wasting money and effort. Send them email asking if they wish to stay opted in or else their account will be removed from further marketing activities.

2. Automate. Automate. Automate.

As much as you can. Analytics, drip campaigns, managing responses, tagging users. Everything can be automated. Do a small course on Zapier, it's powerful.

3. Customs fonts may/may not work.

Yes, not all browsers and devices might end up showing your custom font. So you will need to have another mainstream back up font just in case this doesn't work.

4. Do deep marketing by segmenting users.

This is a big one. I am still in progress on this idea but categorize users by getting their answers through a form/survey inside your product dashboard. Then based on inputs, categorize them and send relevant emails only. This is easy to manage if you follow tip 6.

5. Invest into better CRM tools whenever possible.

Once number of users starts going into 1000's, it becomes whole lot difficult to manage different stages of your users.

6. Don't hide unsubscribe button in sneaky way. People see through it.

It's the last thing you want when users are angry over not being able to unsubscribe from your mails. Make sure to keep this button accessible for anyone who wishes to do so.

That's it for today from my side! They are surely many more but it's tough to share in one single post, so I'll keep sharing in the coming posts. If you're interested, make sure to stay tuned with Ruttl!

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