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Questions You Must Ask To Collect Better Customer Feedback

Written by Harsh Vijay
Published on January 26th, 2022

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No matter which feedback tools you use or what process you follow, getting customer feedback at regular intervals keeps your website or application up-to-date. After all, you may love a specific design or feature for your website but your customers might not. That’s when customer feedback helps you the most - figuring out that unknown development area.

Here are 5 question topics you must first finalize and then frame questions accordingly:

1. Is there a problem you are trying to solve?

For example, it could be that you are seeing a high bounce rate when visitors visit your pricing page. You may want to find out the reasons behind it.

You can then go on to ask questions like:

  • Did you find our pricing page confusing?
  • What changes would you recommend to improve your experience?
  • Did you face any problems while choosing the pricing model?

2. Do you want to understand customer behavior?

For example, you may want to delve deep into why some users go directly to your blog page or why some abandon your home page before scrolling till the end?

You can formulate questions like:

  • What was your first impression when you visited our website?
  • What was the one thing that stopped you from buying from us?
  • What part of the website did you first visit and why?

3. Do you need to update your website to reach a goal?

You might have seen your visitors bouncing to a competitor’s website 10 seconds after landing on yours. You might want to decrease this instant bounce rate.

You can create solution-specific questions for this:

  • What change would make the website experience better?
  • What motivates you to move to a different website?
  • According to you, on what comparison factors does this website fail?

4. Do you want to test your audience’s reaction to an upcoming update?

You might want to launch a completely different design or you might want to integrate AI into your website.

To check their reaction, you can pose questions like:

  • Would you like it if we integrate AI into our website?
  • Would you find it difficult if we completely revamped our website?
  • Would you want to have a staged website update or an altogether update?

By first deciding on the goal for your customer feedback, you can make your survey be as brief and to the point as possible.

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