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Best Design And Creative Approval Software To Use in 2024

Written by Harsh Vijay
Published on August 11th, 2022

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Creative people would agree that they spend a significant amount of their time on getting their designs approved. This happens because the approval process is tiresome and not strategically planned.

A typical creative review process includes an endless exchange of emails, vague feedback, miscommunications, difficulties in collaboration, etc. There is a continuous back-and-forth to approve the design, which is not all feasible for an agency or a creative firm handling multiple clients.

Therefore, automating the design approval process is beneficial. By implementing automation over creative approvals, your team can see real-time creative progress for quicker approvals, including design, marketing, copy, and clients.

Creative approval software is a dedicated software designed to simplify a team's approval process. It's a cloud-based platform where the agency, creative firm, and client can collaborate and review files easily.

Using a creative approval process can drastically

  • Reduce the effort spent on sharing files, tracking new developments, and managing projects
  • Reduce communication delays in updating clients on the project status
  • Streamline your project management software according to your client's requirement
  • Promote faster project delivery etc.

When implementing the best practices, Ruttl users have reduced the creative review process by half. That means faster approvals, happier clients, and added bandwidth to take up more work.

What features to look for in creative approval software?

When looking for creative approval software, make sure to look for the following features: Make sure you create approval software that gels well with your industry. If the approval software understands your market, they are most likely to understand your project's requirements.

  • Your approval software should accept the images and doc formats your team uses.
  • Your team should be able to easily collaborate and communicate in a shared workspace to review files.
  • Look for creative approval software that offers third-party integrations with apps to work with your favorite tools easily.
  • It should allow guest commenting for anyone with the link to put in their comments.
  • Ideal creative approval software should allow you to upload and maintain multiple file versions.
  • Cost-effectiveness should be a top priority for your business. List your options with their features and pricing to select the best creative approval software.

Top creative approval software to try right now

Now that we know why we need creative approval software, Let's discuss the top cloud-based creative approval software that will save you time.

1. ruttl

ruttl lets you collect precise and accurate feedback from your team members and clients. You can easily send shareable links to live web pages and let them give their honest feedback.

Collaborate and communicate by addressing their comments and building meaningful relationships. You don't have to manually track all the comments; instead, you can create a new project for design feedback and integrate it with Asana or Trello. You can also record a video explaining the changes you want instead of relying on inefficient tools like calls and emails.

Members can make changes on live websites, like font size, alignment, and spacing, without making too many coding changes. Rutte is an all-in-one feedback tool where you can review websites, pdfs, images, and web apps.

Features of ruttl

  • The easiest way to get unfiltered customer feedback for your yet-to-be-launched project.
  • Integrate with 3000+ apps using Zapier.
  • No sign-up is needed for client comments.
  • You can ask customers to review web pages, images, and PDFs.
  • Get feedback on your web apps on ruttl with absolutely no logins needed.
  • Get instant notifications about client feedback through Slack.
  • Do instant real-time changes on your webpage through ruttl.
  • You can check all your website edits, comments, and content changes on web pages.
  • ruttl can reduce web app review time by half, which means quicker feedback and a better user experience on the site. It's not an alternative but the only solution that lets your customers participate in customer feedback.
  • Capture, track, resolve and report bugs and issues on digital products and websites. You can assign tickets to team members and set priorities to quickly resolve bugs.


ruttl offers three paid plans: Standard, Pro, and Teams, starting at USD 12/month. You can also get a lifetime membership of ruttl from USD 600 onwards. ruttl also offers a basic free plan to try before committing.

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2. Ziflow

Ziflow is an exceptional creative collaboration platform, exclusively for agencies and brands to collaborate and provide feedback. It has a smooth user interface that works well for most workflows. You can organize everyone's feedback in one place to work on changes. Its creative dashboard makes project tracking easier with improved productivity.

Features of Ziflow

  • Ziflow supports over 1200 types of creative assets so that you can review all of them on one platform.
  • Set up a customized workflow to collaborate with your team faster. You can create review stages for the creative asset to go from one stage to another.
  • No app download is required. You can review creative assets on any device, whether a phone or a laptop.
  • Seamlessly connect your favorite tools with Ziflow one-click, low-code integrations.
  • See your productivity score with insights on revisions, late projects, turnaround time, and more.


Ziflow offers one free and two paid plans, starting at $20/user/month.

3. Govisually

GoVisually offers fast creative and design approval solutions for designers, video creators, creative agencies, and marketing teams. It scraps the endless email conversation and miscommunication to establish a cohesive dashboard for design approvals. GoVisually makes design feedback hassle-free with an instant review, no registration required, and feedback tracking to keep everyone in the loop.

Features of GoVisually

  • Streamline your feedback process by putting in comments directly on your digital assets. You can also set deadlines for each task to make sure team members are on track.
  • Control who gets to view and download your files.
  • GoVisually provides a centralized workspace to store all your designs, categorized and labeled, so you don't mix them up.
  • Your clients can easily review your designs through a shareable link. No external registration is required.
  • All plans come with Slack integration to get notifications fast. GoVisually also offers Zapier integration to supercharge your workflow with thousands of apps.


GoVisually offers two paid plans starting at $25/month. You can also opt for a free trial before committing.

4. Page Proof

Page Proof is an excellent design and creative approval software that makes reviewing and approving seamless. Its smart proofing tool makes it an apt piece of software for static files, video, and audio, email marketing, and design prototype proofing. You don't need any installs or plugins to use Page Proof. It will work well for most Chrome browsers on all devices. It's a simple and smart proofing solution that you should try.

Features of Page Proof

  • Page Proof is a highly secure and rigorously tested platform with a single sign-on (SSO) and data sovereignty in over 18 locations.
  • It offers pixel-perfect proofing, which is best for identifying packaging mistakes. This includes rulers, focus mode, gridlines, automatic link checking, fonts, color analysis, and more.
  • Created customized workflow to automate the sending of designs from one person to another.
  • The Smart Proof tool will highlight the changes made between versions without you having to figure it out yourself.
  • You can create Proof directly from the Adobe Creative Cloud. The Page Proof add-on supports Adobe In-Design, Photoshop, Premier Pro, Illustrator, and After Effects.


Page Proof offers one free basic plan and two paid plans starting at $199/month.

5. Artwork Flow

If you are looking for creative approval software focused on packaging labels, then Artwork Flow is your ultimate solution. Artwork Flow has proven to accelerate product launches, reduce errors, and increase the approval rate. It lets you stay on top of industry regulations and automate the compliance adherence process to reduce manual review.

Features of Artwork Flow

  • You can create unlimited projects and pay as per usage.
  • Get standard online proofing tools like an online spell checker, Artwork PDF Compare, an online measurement scale, an Artwork color extractor, and an Artwork Font Finder.
  • Organize all your assets in one place with a digital asset management library.
  • Create a customized workflow template according to your business requirements for faster artwork approvals.
  • Collaborate with external agencies to make print proofing effective and within the platform.


You can get in touch with sales for the pricing details.

6. Quick Reviewer

Quick Reviewer is a dedicated tool for creative agencies and brands looking for faster review and approval. It has powerful features that help users navigate, collaborate, and streamline workflow. The approval software is scalable, flexible, and secure, integrating well with your tech ecosystem across departments; whether a 100 MB PDF or a 100 GB video, Quick Reviewer's lightning fast upload will process it in seconds.

Features of Quick Reviewer

  • Integrate Quick Reviewer with thousands of apps seamlessly. You get comprehensive APIs and deep integrations with your existing CMS, DMS, PLMS, and PMS.
  • Personalize your dashboard with your company's logo, colors, fonts, brand theme, URL, and CSS.
  • Quick Reviewer offers 256-bit encryption to keep your data safe. It is also SOC 2 Type II and GDPR compliant.
  • You can access Quick Reviewer from within Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. You can also upload files from Dropbox or integrate your Youtube account to share private videos for review.
  • The premium plan offers custom onboarding and training personalized to your business's needs.


Quick Reviewer offers one basic free plan and three paid plans starting at $20/month.

7. Go Proof

Go Proof's hands-on feature lets graphic designers organize work, simplify proofing, and reduce approval time. It offers a range of pre-loaded workflow templates with creative briefs to let teams automate their work process. You can collaborate better with dedicated user roles like publishers, observers, reviewers, and gatekeepers.

Features of GoProof

  • Go Proof supports Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, InCopy, and Premier Pro.
  • The app offers standard proofing tools for accurate markups, including push pin, box, ruler, strike, highlight, check mark, cross, arrow, draw, and many others.
  • Proof on live websites by commenting, inviting collaborators, tracking and comparing versions, and driving compliance with web standards.
  • Keep track of comments by directly sharing them on Slack, Asana, Wrike, Trello, Basecamp, Dropbox, and Workday using quick share links.
  • Easily manage and collaborate with teams on Go Proof's holistic dashboard. Project managers can receive projects, assign tasks, and track reviews and approvals.


You can get in touch with sales for the pricing details.

8. Review Studio

Review Studio is an excellent online proofing tool for marketing teams, creatives, ad agencies, and production studios. It offers intuitive features to automate workflow and remove the unnecessary manual load. Review Studio scrapes out endless email chains and helps teams collaborate better on a single platform.

Features of Review Studio

  • Provides excellent markup tools to give quick and accurate feedback. This includes shape choices, sticky notes, freehand, and pen for seamless proofing.
  • Review Studio lets you Proof videos, documents, images, and live websites.
  • Present your reviews live with your team and clients through Review Studio's presentation mode.
  • A centralized dashboard keeps track of all the projects, reviews, and pending tasks. This helps project managers align with deadlines and get approvals faster.
  • Robust API and Zapier integrations to seamlessly integrate over 2000+ applications.


You can get in touch with sales for the pricing details.

9. Aproove

Aproove is an online proofing software that helps businesses fasten their creative approval process with real-time collaboration across 180+ media formats. Its easy-to-use interface makes it simpler for collaborators to put in comments, annotations, notes, and threads for seamless feedback. Aproove comes with in-built Digital Asset Management (DAM) features to store, share, and distribute projects across collaborators.

Features of Aproove

  • The content-based smart review lets you Proof each page in a multi-page document. For instance, if you are proofing a 10-page document and only find errors on one of the pages.
  • In most online proofing tools, you will have to reject the entire proof and create a different version. However, with Aproove, you can review each page as a single proof, so any changes made to one page don't affect the other.
  • Automatic version management that works alongside the comparison mode. So, you can side-by-side proof multiple versions and track revisions and changes.
  • A centralized dashboard tracks project completion, so you don't miss any deadlines. Each user is assigned a "To-Do" dashboard where daily tasks are updated.
  • Create a customized workflow using custom forms. This way, you can automate your repeatable business processes and track them through custom reports.
  • Aproove's Annotation Flow Management (AFM) allows you to have private meeting rooms for internal teams before they go to the client. Comments added internally will not be passed out to your client.


Aproove offers two paid plans for small and medium businesses and enterprises, starting at $750/month.

10. Pastel

Pastel is a robust design and creative approval software that lets you review live websites, images, and PDFs. You can collaborate seamlessly with your teammates through mentioning tags, detailed audit trails, and dedicated markup tools. Review all your digital assets in one place using Pastel's dedicated dashboard.

Feature of Pastel

  • Pastel's integration feature lets you connect with thousands of tools seamlessly.
  • Organize your feedback through labels and keep everyone on the page.
  • You can automatically create tickets and tasks using Trello, Asana, and Jira.
  • Pastel allows you to invite unlimited guests with a shareable link.


Pastel offers one free and three paid plans starting at $24/month.

Why choose ruttl over other creative approval software?

ruttl is an all-in-one tool that works more than just as a feedback platform. You can review live websites, web apps, and design annotations. Users can easily leave comments, making it easier for team members to make the changes. Using ruttl, you can provide an excellent customer experience, resulting in higher customer retention and references.

We are also launching some amazing features where users can review videos and illustrations and add comments. To make the customer feedback process more intuitive, our team is also working on adding new digital boards so that you can easily collaborate and communicate with your teams on new ideas.

ruttl will also help you quickly resolve bugs on your website by adding collaborators and leaving comments that seem buggy or out of context.

So, when you choose us, you aren't just getting a website feedback tool but a package of highly advanced features that are hard to find on any other platform.

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