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Top 19 Web Design Blogs That You Must Follow In 2022

Written by Harsh Vijay
Published on October 6th, 2022

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Feeling overwhelmed by the number of blogs for website design? You’re not the only one.

There’s a lot of difference between the websites of 2010 and that of 2022. Being a largely creative field, the world of web designing sees a lot of changing trends, experiences, and visual design elements. Working in this field can be rewarding but you can easily get stuck in a rut if you hit a roadblock when it comes to inspiration. One way to tackle this issue is to subscribe to web design blogs.

But which ones do you choose from hundreds out there?

Working closely with web design and web feedback all year round, Ruttl brings to you a research-backed list of our favorite 19 web design blogs

Not only do they help you stay updated with the latest design trends and provide you with regular inspiration, but some of them also have free resources and tutorials to help you upskill consistently.

1. ruttl blog

ruttl blog page

That's right, our own blog!! Being a website feedback tool, the team at ruttl has spent years working closely with design agencies, figuring out the hacks they use, the creative process they have, and the mistakes they make.

A reason why this web design blog is packed with information, be it about design and development updates, productivity for developers and designers, or useful tips that your design team can implement today.

The presence of a “Knowledge Box” section is nothing short of value-adding where posts are bite-sized for you to easily read, consume, and implement. One important point their blogs regularly make is using a visual feedback tool. If you’re a design agency or part of a design team, you can find out how to make and collaborate on great web designs too by spending far less time than before.

Coming from the design world, ruttl’s blog is packed with real-life challenges and solutions to overcome them.

2. Smashing magazine

smashing magazine website

Smashing magazine covers many areas such as Accessibility, Usability, Design, Web Design, and so on. You can also search for specific articles through the search bar given at the top. All of the content shared on their website is easy to read and informative as they make use of visual elements like screenshots, sketches, and images.

This blog tops the recommendation list of thousands of web designers as their go-to place for inspiration and questions. The one thing that sets them apart is they also have a section where web designers can look for jobs, even remote, anywhere in the world.

With freebies such as templates and plugins, live workshops, e-books, and guides, this blog has it all. You can also subscribe to their email newsletter which gets delivered to you every week. They have also recently launched live workshops on front-end and UX that you can check out.

3. Webdesigner Depot

webdesigners depot website

Be it design, UX, inspiration or top news of the industry, Webdesigner Depot has got you all covered. It is one of the most popular design blogs that share design tips, tech tips, thought leadership posts, news, and inspiration.

You can not only get tips but explore the pros and cons of different things, whether or not the dark mode is useful in UI or just creates a nuisance, and so on. It also has the occasional poll and funny section on its site where you can participate in things and not just passively consume content.

They also have guides on various web design tools and other handy resources for web designers. One of the most interesting parts about Webdesigner Depot is that they always have ongoing deals and freebies for you to use in your designs.

The blog delivers daily posts to your inbox every morning and you can even subscribe to its newsletter to stay informed about recent posts.

4. Envato Tuts+

Envato Tuts+ website

Envato is a popular name when it comes to great resources for plugins and themes but what many people miss out on is that it offers a lot of free tutorial content under its Tuts+ brand.

It’s one of the best web design blogs to learn things related to web design, UI, motion graphics, and so on. You can enlist in their courses, as well as try out their tutorials and guides in your free time. They also have these courses and guides perfectly categorized so that you can easily search for everything you need.

Other web designers also share their knowledge on this blog which makes it a great place to learn from your fellow counterparts.

The best part about it is that you don’t need to have a lot of coding knowledge or know a design-focused language to take advantage of this site. Everything is explained with plenty of pictures and examples.

5. Design shack

Design shack website

Founded by David Appleyard and Josh Johnson, Design Shack provides you with tips and tutorials, the latest web design trends, and inspiring examples, thus having a wide range of varied content for you to consume on their blog.

They offer a beautiful clean layout which makes you want to click on the topics you love and read them till the end. You can also find many in-depth guides and tutorials to learn from and upskill yourself. Various templates like premier pro templates, photo collages, and mock-up templates are there for you to try out.

If you’re ever stuck in an inspiration rut, they have a design gallery you can scroll through where you’ll find inspiration for every subject from apps to magazines.

They also have an active community of over 15000 members on sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter where you can interact with like-minded people from your field.

6. Web Design Ledger

web design ledger website

Beautifully categorized and packed with abundant useful information on a wide range of topics, Web Design Ledger is a great web design blog to surf in those morning hours when you need design inspiration.

For web designers, they have a lot of different categories like business development, ecommerce, mobile design, portfolio work, and wearable devices. Free resources such as web design portfolio builders, design portfolio examples, stock images, and fonts make this blog even more appealing to its readers.

They also go in-depth on subcategories like user interface design, graphics, typography and iconography. Web Design Ledger also works great as web development blog as it covers many things like how to work in various development environments, and other web development topics.

An interesting aspect that puts Web Design Ledger in a different league altogether is that they provide a section specially dedicated to interviews with some of the top web designers. You can go through this section to learn from the thought leaders of the field and also check out reviews of the latest design tools in their review section. This blog is a sure-shot bookmark for you!

7. Dribbble

Dribbble blog page

Want to learn about the latest design trends? Or see design portfolios of upcoming and famous web designers? Dribbble is the best web design blog to be at then.

You can even showcase your design to the entire world and get their reviews. They also host live workshops and have their own courses that you can enlist for.

One notable thing about their website is that it’s sleek and feels good on your eyes. They even have made different categories like animation, typography, mobile, and so on which you can easily browse. If you want to search for a particular topic, you can do so easily with their prominently placed search bar. You can also scroll through their many free templates to start designing right away.

They even have a job board where you can start applying for projects and earning. By subscribing to their pro version, you can get access to a lot of other benefits too.

8. The Design Blog

The design blog website

The Design Blog is one of those web design blogs that you should use strictly for getting inspired.

They have segmented content in the form of days. For example, they share “Designer of the week” on Monday and feature his/her work across their social networks and website, Wednesday is for sharing interesting and beautifully designed websites, Thursday is for sharing UI/UX design for the week, on Friday they share a freebie in the form of an available download or digital resource.

They also share a quote of the week, a featured video, and some free resources every week. Various books and websites are also recommended. They also share various Dribbble profiles that are doing some exemplary work so you can take some design inspiration from it for your next project.

In brief, this is the place to be when you’re stuck in an inspiration rut.

9. Line25

Line25 website

The one thing that sets Line25 apart is that not only do they provide blog posts about famous trends and news in the design world but they also talk about more abstract and relevant design themes. These themes could revolve around philosophical design questions like choosing between minimalism and maximalism.

They also share content on topics like how to pick fonts and use WordPress to its maximum potential. All the content on the website is divided into categories like Web development, web design, website templates, UI/UX design, and more so you can easily jump to the topics you like and learn more about them.

You can also learn from the various tutorials they share on a regular basis. The only drawback here is that they don’t have a search option so you’ll have to manually go through various topics to find the one you want to read.

They also offer many free resources such as Photoshop templates and portfolio layouts.

10. Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq talks about a lot of web designing topics such as graphic design, recent news and trends, and inspirational designs. They also post multiple times a day across many categories so you always have something new to consume. If you want to read about a particular topic, the search bar at the top helps you do the same.

It’s also a great place to look out for inspiration. They share many examples of graphical website designs, other types of inspirational artwork such as logo and packaging design, and abstract design topics. While this may go a little off-track from website design per se, you’ll be able to connect different design ideas together.

One great thing about this blog is that they provide tutorials and guides for many general daily responsibilities of a designer coupled with reviews of design tools which makes it a one-stop destination for web designers and design teams.

11. A List Apart

A List Apart is one of the few design blogs that you can easily place your trust in. The content they provide is smart and witty and goes a few steps beyond the typical content that many web design blogs are creating.

It covers various topics from types of web design layouts, coding, development, content, and user experience, to responsive web designs. They also have various subcategories under this list. Some of the high-quality articles they have created are a mix of inspiration, motivation, and creativity. One such article example is “How to reinforce brand identity in your web design?”

They also have an Events section where many experts and esteemed personalities in the web design niche come for interviews. There’s a lot to learn from these sessions and if you’re just starting out, they have many interviews already on their website that you can go through every day.

12. Awwwards

Awwwards, as the name suggests finds out the best and most creative web designs on the internet and awards them with a feature. The moment you are on its homepage, you can get access to hundreds of popular designs on the internet.

It’s one of our favorite blogs to search for inspiration. As they feature different designs regularly, you also stay updated with the recent trends and developments in the industry.

If you’re wondering whether you should trust the features of this blog, let me break it to you. They only feature websites after being evaluated on a range of metrics such as creativity, design, usability, content, and responsiveness.

They also post interviews and other resources which you can go through to learn valuable skills and move forward in your career. You can also surf through their job portal and apply for the jobs that appeal to you.

13. Hongkiat

With over a decade of posting content around design and development, Hongkiat has made a name for itself in this industry. It’s one of the most established blogs with plenty of tips for both experienced designers and beginners.

It offers essential content and features that talk about the new trends and the day-to-day responsibilities of a web designer. They also accept contributions from experienced people in the industry who share their knowledge on specific subjects like how to create custom slash commands in Slack.

You can also learn how to use design tools such as Photoshop and other popular apps from their free tutorials and they also provide you access to freebies like WordPress responsive theme designs, icon packs, and fonts.

Other than web design, they also talk about topics that are relevant to a web designer like tips for conducting business as a designer, places to showcase a portfolio as a designer, project management tools for designers, and more.

14. Mockplus blog

This is not your regular blog. Mockplus is well-known for talking about tools you can use to make your design team work efficiently and more productively on various projects through interactive prototyping, unified collaboration, and scalable design systems.

If you’re already making use of Mockplus’s technology, they also provide plenty of tips and hacks to implement through articles and tutorials. If you like lists containing the words “best” and “top”, this blog lists the best fonts, tools, icon packs, web design examples, and trends often.

You can also stay abreast of the latest developments through their guides on how to experiment with new design strategies. As a beginner, this is the perfect place to be as they take you through basics like how to master things like navigation menu design.

If you’re not a regular reader, you can subscribe for regular blog updates so that you can view only those that appeal to you.

15. Design Bombs

Design Bombs, as the name suggests, blows up the preconcieved notions about design. The blog also has a “Start here” section solely meant for beginner articles like how to start a blog, how to design a website, or making use of WordPress hosting. They also have a “Glossary” section that covers common design language terms that you should be aware of.

Even if you’re not a beginner, they have many categories you can choose from like coding, inspiration, design, news, plugins, and themes. The “inspiration” section of this blog is our favorite and many of our designers often browse through it before starting a project to discover new ideas and design trends.

They also regularly give away freebies and offers for popular design software and tools. You can also get to know about the resources you can access for free in your projects.

16. Designmodo

Designmodo shares some really interesting articles on different niches like website design, photoshop, UX design, responsive design, app design, and website examples. They have an entire section on WordPress topics if you’re looking to start with that.

It is also known for its outstanding resource offerings and freebies. These resources and freebies are related to fonts, graphics, icons, templates, tools, and UI kits. These are perfect for designers who are just starting out and may need the extra help.

On top of all this, the blog also offers tutorials and guides which makes it an ideal bookmark if you need a quick knowledge update on a particular topic or if you want to show your client how a particular design idea would look like in practice and why you should go for it.

17. Speckyboy

Speckyboy is yet another web design blog that has been around for a while. It’s basically an online magazine that shares many helpful tips and features for web designers. You can learn about each facet of web design such as UX design, UI design, general design, motion design, design trends, and much more.

That’s not all! It also talks about the day-to-day life of a web designer and provides freelancing and time-saving tips so you can be even more productive in your work. One of the best parts about this magazine is that you get to know about things that you wouldn’t otherwise like, such as how to save time using Photoshop.

They also add many visual elements in their articles so the read is not monotonous and you can easily skim through their content if you’re in a rush.


Airbnb has a web design blog? Yes. We were surprised too. And it has a lot of helpful content. While they have recently announced that they will not continue posting new content for the time being, you can go through the blog’s archives to find some really good guides and value-driven articles.

You’d find that they not only write about web design but other aspects of general design as well like designing for a changing world, designing for the future, and so on.

They also have articles where they share tips from different illustrators and designers making it even more relevant and real. In their “Events” section, you can find talks from many speakers around interesting themes such as the role of chaos in the design process. This one is definitely a blog to not miss out on!

19. Boagworld

You can get the best design content related to UX on Boagworld. The host, Paul Boag, has been in the web design industry since the 1990s and thus brings his experience forward to help the modern day web designers.

The blog gives you practical tips on many things like how to deal with analysis paralysis, how to get feedback from users, research user habits, and how to keep your designs simple. Other than articles, you can go through the blog’s podcasts too where Paul covers a lot of areas such as design, digital marketing, content creation, and strategy.

If you’re a company looking to improve digital design and marketing strategies, Paul also provides digital training workshops you can get your company enlisted for.

Choosing the best web design blog

Whether you are a beginner diving into the world of web designing or a designer with years of experience, you need to stay updated and keep learning new things and design elements.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing a web design blog to follow.

So, browse through these popular web design blogs and see which one fits your requirement the best. You can even opt to have a combination of go-to sites.

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