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You Can Now Add Attachments In Comments

Commenting mode on ruttl just got better! From now on, you can add attachments inside your comments for better feedback!

Published on December 28th, 2021

Siddhita Upare
Co-founder, ruttl

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While comments are quite helpful to leave feedback, we figured out the there were lot of instances when more context is needed to communicate the idea behind a comment. While writing a comment, they needed to add an image, screenshot or some other attachment like PDF, in order to provide more context. In our previous version, this process was a bit convoluted.

With out latest update, we've introduced a brand new ability to add attachments to your comments! To add any attachment, all you need to do is click on the attachment icon in comments, select the file (you can even upload multiple files) and upload the same. These attachments will then be visible inside the comment, and also on the Activity Panel.

This way, we've made it a lot easier for you to communicate better and more contextual feedback with your clients and project stakeholders!

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