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The Importance Of Adaptability In Product Journey

Written by Harsh Vijay
Published on March 22nd, 2023

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It's impossible for creators to figure out the final product placement at the very beginning of their product development journey.

We started ruttl as a website feedback tool with a mission to make the life of designers and developers simple by enabling them to collaborate efficiently.

After spending 2 years in the market we started realizing that after all website feedback is not a huge market since our buyers were limited to agency owners only. This made us skeptical about the overall feedback market potential and we started doubting the line of business we entered into. We even thought of venturing into code editors and design creation tools but later dropped the idea.

After years of observation and discussions with users and understanding their needs, we realized that feedback is not a small market after all. If we somehow manage to make a plugin that can sit on any web-based product then internal QA teams can use it to report bugs on the product. If you have a plugin, you can easily fetch a screenshot of the issue and can send it directly to Jira or Trello with the help of integrations. This opened the huge market of web-based product companies which can then use ruttl on a daily basis for QA and design review.

We then observed that designers and QA share screenshots to slack and WhatsApp while reviewing mobile applications. We ourselves did this while reviewing the Zepto app.

We designed an android based application that can fetch screenshots for you and send them directly to your project management tool.

This gives us confidence over the domain we selected. Also, new developments in technology such as GPT can assist in some collaborative tasks such as generating text, summarizing, and generating ideas. However, GPT cannot replace collaboration entirely, as collaboration involves human interaction, brainstorming, problem-solving, and decision-making processes that require emotional intelligence, creativity, and human experience. Additionally, collaboration often involves nonverbal cues such as body language, which an AI language model may not be able to interpret accurately. Therefore, while GPT can facilitate collaboration, it is not a substitute for human collaboration

With this, we are going all into collaborations and feedback and now target Agencies, Web-based product companies and mobile-based product companies which constitutes a multi-billion dollar industry.

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